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Trump's Tuesday Night Massacre puts U.S. on 'Banana Republic' Brink


Trump's Tuesday Night Massacre puts U.S. on 'Banana Republic' Brink

Will Bunch

The Tuesday Night Massacre doesn't have quite the right ring, but then the sequel is almost never as satisfying as the original.


"Whether America Remains a Functioning Democracy depends on how we end this Storyline."



"Not all Americans are terrified of the prospect of an authoritarian government" is an understatement.

My observations during my sixtysomething years on the planet have been that fully a third of Murkin voters are not only "not terrified", they fully embrace "the prospect of an authoritarian government". There is nothing that a politician or the military could do that would be so heinous to make them change their minds.


Spectator Sports reinforce the notion of the need for Persons in Uniform (Umpires, Refs...), the "Our Team/Their Team "mentality, and Military Worship at every turn i.e. the Blue Angels flyovers, Veterans singing the Anthem, ad nauseum...


Wrong, Will, We reached Banana Republic status a long time ago, once we let the military decide to run things in this country despite the absence of accountability or common sense. Twenty trillion dollars worth of debt later, Trump is merely the icing on top of the cake. The treasury has already been plundered. Things were on the brink long before Trump reared his ugly orange head.


The "United" States became a Banana Republic years ago, even before it morphed into the US Fourth Reich.
* About the only difference is that now, instead of acting in smokey back rooms, pushing cash under the tables, they have consolidated their power enough to do the same things in the open, expecting obedience and praise for their actions.
* Sadly, far too many of We the People have been conditioned to be filled with fear. Fear of other nations, fear of other people, fear of our own people who are trying to regain our freedom and our Constitution.
* When filled with this fear, we look to "Big Daddy" to save us, and of course he promises to save us from them all. All we have to do is pledge fealty to him and support his actions.
* We've been through this with a number of alleged leaders this century. (And don't forget "Big Mommy" with similar aspirations.)
* FDR said to the people, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." And the people set aside their fear and bootstrapped themselves out of the depression.
* The world fought and won the fight against Nazism, fascism and Imperial Japan's aggression. We finally had "Peace," essentially until Big Business and Big Military realized that the conveyor belt that had been delivering them enormous profits was slowing down with "Peace."
* So, we had the Korean War, the "Cold War," nuclear testing, arms races, then attacking small countries. The conveyor belt was running faster and carrying heavier loads of cash than ever before.
* Then the CCCP collapsed and became Russia again and everybody was celebrating peace, except for those at the delivery end of the conveyor belt. The belt was slowing to a stop! The world was going to commit Peace!
* The CIA destabilized nations and governments, the arms manufacturers made and sold weapons to one and all and the belt was again running at speed. It hasn't slowed a bit since then, and now we have another cold war, another arms buildup, more pushing of fear and its solution of Power, to solve it all and put us back to sleep until the next crisis.
* While this goes on, the real crisis, of a deteriorating climate and environment is simply ignored. Discussion is becoming illegal, and nearly all of the agencies that were directed to study the problem and present solutions are being subverted or simply discontinued, so the people can concentrate on fear and war.
* I'm too old to see how this will all turn out, but we certainly need another FDR or JFK to point us in the right direction. Unfortunately, to accomplish anything in this day and age, they'll have to be made bullet and bomb proof.


We are not, nor ever have been a (principles) of democracy. Until the masses apply critical thinking to just that, we will not become one. We are still the sheep illusion of one. Our system simply is not based on (principles of) democracy.
Again, apply logic. We are not a democracy.


Brink of being a Banana Republic? I'd say we're over the edge in a barrel and have been for some time now.


Exchange "remains" for "remakes" or perhaps "regroups" in its faltering march toward.....