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Trump's Unhinged CPAC Speech Should Concern Us All


Trump's Unhinged CPAC Speech Should Concern Us All

Eugene Robinson

The president of the United States gave a rambling and incoherent two-hour speech in which he raved like a lunatic and told crazy, self-serving lies from start to finish. If that no longer qualifies as alarming, we’re in serious trouble.



It’s fine that media figures like Robinson still think there’s merit in giving Trump more free publicity, but I’m not so sure. I mean, is there anything new to consider here? CPAC and Trump’s loyal base ate his rambling nonsense right up, Robinson’s panties got bunched – which were precisely the purposes of the speech.



Put a shock collar* on Trump that is activated every time he uses a first person singular pronoun. That would shorten his speeches.

*You don’t want to know my first thoughts on this.



This is exactly why he must be Impeached, Indicted for the many felonies we know there is more than sufficient evidence for proving, and made an example of for the entire political world to take note of.

He is a Racist, a Con-man, and a Cheat, three qualities we must never again allow in our political system, especially in the one who represents our nation.



Yes, it should concern us all. We have to start asking ourselves how are we going to stay sane in this wacko-bizarro world.



Robinson sez:
“The president of the United States gave a rambling and incoherent two-hour speech in which he raved like a lunatic and told crazy, self-serving lies from start to finish.”

In other words, another day at the office.



I saw the flag-hugger-in-chief’s picture on the video bait last weekend. OMG! What next? I just had to look because he is writing the book “How to Be an Idiot” daily. He gave a rambling 2 off-the-cuff speech to salve his damaged ego. Cohen and Kim; after all, it had been a rough week. Hey, I think he hugged the flag by way of asking the audience to hug him. He was asking for hug. Poor man! He is so fragile. Ever notice how he hugs himself when he says something he knows is BS because he doesn’t know s**t about it? It is a self-consoling act. OK OK, enough with the psychoanalysis.

Yup, if he was my father and acting like this, I’d take him to the nearest mental health clinic for an evaluation.



It is hard not to react. The man is humorous and horrifying. The media had been enabling him for many years before he decided to run just for fun and won (to his self-admitted amazement). He is a media-created star. He is having a great time as front man keeping our attention away from what is going on inside the government. IMHO, Steve Bannon’s touch is all over this. That is why he encouraged Trump to run, left the administration after he was sure his plan was in operation, and is now watching gleefully as his chosen one makes a farce of the presidency and takes a wrecking ball to the executive branch.

After their electoral victory, the House Dumbocrats start the investigations. Great, but I hope one of them tells the rest they have about 12 months to unearth something that will prevent tRump/tupPence and the Repulsicans from winning again.



We could determine where he got his ‘raisin cane’ joke, from a general or some pious religious nut? If the latter, his joke is no joke. Cain, so the story goes, killed his brother. Very funny?
Is he deranged or diabolical? The way he consorts with dictators, the latter is as likely beneath the absurd façade of fake patriotism. I couldn’t watch more than two seconds of Apprentice before his revolting image explained the dour look most of the cast were always wearing.

You want jokes? Okaaay. It’s his last day in office. He gives another rambling incoherent rant, smirks jokingly and walks to the lawn and waiting helicopter. From among the guards, a well-dressed Black sneaks up behind him and pulls his pants down!

That’s how we’d like him to be remembered instead of for so many things worse and what worse will come before he leaves. His threat to national security is grounds for impeachment.

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Well the orange Fascist seems to me the perfect representative of the US - Stupid, willfully ignorant and proud as punch of the fact, racist, sexist, greedy, crooked et al. If USians were not all these things Trump would have garnered near zero votes… he is us and we are him. (collectively of course).
And the few people with their sanity, critical thinking and intelligence still intact are mostly stuck in this simmering stew of stupid.
( Spouse and I were hoping to get out - we were actively planning on moving to Ecuador, but that has fallen through due to a family health issue we now realize we will need to be around long term to help with…)



Who goes to a trump rally?
Who is CPAC made off?
I know that they are off the deep end right wing. Trump could have made sounds a pardoned Thanksgiving turkey would have made and the crowd would have applauded.

Why should we care?
The limitation of presidential power is the only thing between us and world wide genocide.
Is anyone manning that post for a report?
Or will democracy be continued to be run roughshod over by this ghoul?

What Mr. Robinson presents is not false.
But we do NOT need to be told of another fawning rally.
We need truth teller like him to sink probes deep into the mess.



Stephen Colbert did a great riff on the flag hug:

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I really like your term “USians”. People living in the United States appropriated “Americans” years ago. I want us USians to remember and honor the fact that all people living in North, Central, and South America are “Americans”; just as all the nationalities of Europe and Europeans. Sorry, off topic, but I’m trying to start something. Frank Lloyd Wright named one style of his homes “Usonian”. I like “USians”.

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The d-party is now forced to hope for an economic downturn to start within six months.

Because without that, the only current dem candidate who stands a chance against Trump is Bernie, and we know damn well the D establishment would rather lose to Trump than elect President Sanders.

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Yes, Trump in my view, is not an anomaly, but he has made transparent what America really is and not what America has been saying it is, so that may be a good thing. Like some of the people in the Eastern religions, call Karma and say Trump is exactly the POTUS that America deserves. Hard to argue with that statement!



Trump needs to be committed to a mental institution before it is too late to get his hands off the nuclear trigger and we will be in serious trouble the longer Trump, who is by most standards not sane, occupies the oval office.



Quite a few Mental Health Professionals have already made that evaluation.

Their concluded, he’s Nuckin Futs!

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As someone said on this thread: another day at the office.

To ridicule this kind of thing gets too close to feelings of disgust and despair at the sheer degeneracy of the present political situation. At least for me. It’s like ridiculing Nazis in 1933 because ‘can you believe the stupid thing they said now.’

But…if you have it in you to go that way: on the CPAC convention, see the smart, smart-assed, media-literate, nihilistic-progressive Chapo Trap House show:

Warning, you won’t get half the jokes if you’re not tuned into mainstream media/politics…example, raise your hand if you’re not only familiar with Game of Thrones, but familiar with how it’s become a meme…a cultural referent for a certain type of joke…let’s count the hands…I rest my case.



I am having enough difficulty without further economic downturn beginning in the next six months.

What we need is a creditable left-wing candidate, either in or out of the Democratic Party — a creditable candidate who is compelling enough to the majority of voters that as a result Bernie Sanders begins to look like the lessor evil from the perspective of the D establishment while the R establishment begins to consider moving towards the center in order to appear less extreme and out of touch.

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At the minimum we need a sober and sane and entirely independent set of hands on the trigger that can over-ride the President and veto the launching of nuclear weapons. Either both sets of hands agree to the launch, or the weapons are not launched.