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Trump's 'Unhinged' Lie About Obama Doesn't Register as News to Corporate Media


Trump's 'Unhinged' Lie About Obama Doesn't Register as News to Corporate Media

Jim Naureckas

In one of his final speeches of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump went after President Barack Obama over his treatment of a Trump supporter at a rally in Fayetteville, N.C. Speaking in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on Friday, the Republican candidate declared:


Nothing which comes out of Trump's mouth at this point, even if true, is believable. The dangers that would create on the world stage are horrific and unthinkable.


"If Trump defies the odds and wins ...on Tuesday, Corporate Media coverage like this will be a large part of the explanation."

It is also the explanation of why Sanders was not getting access to all those Trump supporters, who, if they had heard Bernie speak, would have realized that he was actually offering them Something Real that they could use.


This video of Obama looked just like a teacher trying to get control of a rowdy class.


Not to mention the irony that a Trump "Take him out" statement / directive darn near got an audience protest member killed, certainly beat up and in the confusion managed to cause the secret service to think there was a gun danger to Trump. Although why yelling "gun" in a crowded Trump rally when their is no gun (yelling fire in a crowded ...) should matter at this point. A gun-carrying audience member would probably be a Trump supporter. Also wondering why the secret service should bother to protect this guy and not the people Trump threatens or intimates threats towards leaving the execution of the "order" up to the deranged fool who takes the "order" as an order (or at least encouragement).


Question, do you think Trump knows that he was selected to run against HRC because she could beat him easily?
From the leaked emails we see that it was discussed by the DNC heads and he was chosen, then promoted by the media, to run against her.
I just can't decide if he's in on the plot or being played. What do you think?


My point was exactly that if Bernie had been given even just a fair amount of coverage i.e. broadcast of his speeches (they mendaciously brushed aside a post Primary address as "...only his standard stump speech" and so, did not show it, while they instead broadcast an empty podium, 'waiting for Trump'.)
Or having actual effective surrogates on National News Shows to defend his positions.
After repeated exposure (that's REPEATED exposure), his positions would have been revealed to be just undeniable and many people now voting for Trump or Hillary would have finally responded.
Bernie articulated the Left position all too well, that's what made him so Dangerous to the very Entities that have made our Country into the Purgatory (a Purgatory that suits them just fine) that it is becoming, and that shut him down so violently quick.
What do we do next?
I don't know.
I do know that I'll vote Green for starters.