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Trump's 'Unifying' Campaign Results in Night of Derision, Chaos in Chicago


Trump's 'Unifying' Campaign Results in Night of Derision, Chaos in Chicago

Jon Queally, staff writer

As one team of reporters commented, "Nothing about it was surprising."


The rise of fascism will be televised.
Cheered on by CNN and Fox news.
Wrapped in flags and crosses that were everywhere apparent last night: Trump supporters wrapped in flags (literally) and pundits wearing huge crosses around their necks.

There are no checks and balances to prevent a Hitler in the U.S.


In other times and places citizens/ill-informed-ill-educated were whipped-up against "enemies" or claimed national affronts or unfair trade/other policies - supporters urged to violent actions against opponents - often with disastrous consequences. A "strong leader" that uses division, bigoted slogans, ignorance and hatred to gain/solidify support is a threat to all today - to nationhood and society, and potentially the entire world.

That this MO is being repeated here and now is an abomination that will also have disastrous consequences. Political divisiveness and self-righteousness has been used for some decades in our times and this electoral cycle is the extreme example of what had been "normal" politics.....RepubliCon vs Democrats, good vs evil, like a fight-night or football card used to gather the faithful, or the deranged....looks like the chickens are coming home to roost, and the likelihood is it will get worse before it gets better!.


Donald, Donald, über alles...


It's very depressing. Especially coupled with the level of destruction humans have inflicted on the biosphere.


The wealth inequality that is the source of the chaos is brought to you by capitalism
and members of both political parties. Trump is a convenient villain exploiting a
society rotting away.


Not far from the scene, in Summit, Illinois, near Midway International Airport, Bernie Sanders was speaking before a packed house of enthusiastic partisans at Argo Community High School, it was quite an experience. Bernie called Rahm out by name to deadening applause, Illinois is in play. Today Bernie is scheduled for rallies in Bloomington-Normal (Illinois State University) and Champaign-Urbana (University of Illinois).


"A World in Decline"... what is really happening here is chaos. Chaos as a result of a collapsing environment, economy, and social/political support system.
Extreme Capitalism has gutted local economies. Extreme Capitalism has launched a pillaging of natural resources and degradation of environmental support systems.
And extreme capitalism will continue under both a Trump or Clinton (Bill & Hillary) presidency. .....

from the Revelations of newmessage.org: "What will save humanity now will be recognition, courage & necessity. The recognition is that the Great Waves of change are upon you, that humanity has destroyed so much of the life-sustaining resources of the world, and that you are living in a world in decline-- of declining resources, of environmental degradation, of changing climate and the ever growing temptation of nations to go to war with one another.".. from the Revelation: "What Will Save Humanity."--MV Summers.

What Trump and Clinton will bring to this country.... more war, more destruction of the environment & Climate chaos, and more wealth to the upper elite, the upper global elite...the upper ubber elite.and more poverty, chaos and contempt to the lower 99% of Earth's population. The ubber elite are on their way to owning this planet of ours....


uber, not ubber....


Hundreds of Bernie supporters shutting down a Trump rally is an assault on free speech, and Bernie should disavow them. There may be some utility in standing outside a rally and pointing out the racism, etc. But shutting down an "enemy" rally is what Hitler's goons did with their main rivals, the Communists (they used a lot of violence, which in this case usually originates with the Trumpetts, but the point still stands).


A few thoughts:

Positive: The size of the university crowd in Chicago, and the enthusiasm for the Sanders rallies elsewhere in Illinois (per HisStory's comment), are at least encouraging for the Illinois primary.

Negative: Until now, the increasingly angry and unruly Trump crowds have been seen as a distant concern by "the rest of us," the non-Trumpers, to be observed and condemned. But I'm becoming worried about what would happen if there is a "terrorist" event here or abroad that frightens a bigger portion of Americans. Would they join Trump's supporters? The longer these rallies go on without being self-contained by calmer voices within, or firmly stopped by more responsible forces in the Republican Party (if there are any), the greater the risk.

As I've written often, if Hillary is elected rather than Bernie, I can only imagine that the number of these deeply angry and increasingly out of control people will grow.


Oh? "Most people" think that? This is the first I've seen that suggested. I could buy it, actually, as a possibility. But to say "most people" (meaning yourself) think that I must be the CIA because I suggest that shutting down someone else's rally is a mistake and a suppression of free speech, and point out the historical precedent, well...it suggests that shutting down an opponent's speech is okay and to be celebrated, but questioning it must be the work of the CIA. Which ITSELF is an attempt to stifle free speech! The concept is meaningless if it's only for our side. To tell you the truth I'm not comfortable even with the black women who hijacked Sanders' rally some months ago...although there an argument can be made that sometimes there is no other way to bring attention to a situation. I have no quibble with people protesting outside a rally. But trying to shut one down, or drown out someone's speech, is unAmerican in my view.


"In between." That's great! Nary a fraction or a percentage in the entire lucid post. I commend you, John, for freeing your voice from the constraints of mathematical tyranny! Welcome to the land where language trumps (pardon the pun) numbers.


This is going to get very, very bad. Someone is probably going to die before it ends. Thanks to all the dividers...Right and Left.

Keep fighting each other. TPTB love it when you do that. :wink:


Trump this morning at a rally in Ohio, blamed Bernie Sanders and Moveon.org for the violence in Chicago last night. Trump is the master of demagoguery! Trump is a master at using persiflage to brainwash his constituents. Trumps ad hominems are legion.

A lot of Trump's followers remind me of Sinclair Lewis's book: IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE. The premise being that when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and be carrying the cross. If Trump becomes POTUS someone will need to write a sequel: IT IS HAPPENING HERE!




First off, it isn't the left that has been in charge in recent decades. It is the "centrists" and the right that have been in charge. That's why we have NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO, the Telecommunications Act, the gutting of the New Deal financial regulations, mass school privatizations, deregulation, tax cuts on the rich and corporations (since Reagan). It isn't as if the government has been run by people like Bernie Sanders. So, when you look at the decades of stagnating wages, de-industrializatoin, the explosion in private debt and inequality, the crumbling infrastructure and dying inner cities, realize that the "centrists" (what are they in the center of exactly?) are the ones that need to explain themselves. They helped to create this damn mess.

Beyond that, Sanders and the left has always been about bringing working people together to collectively solve these problems. That doesn't mean that when an outright fascist (and this is for once an accurate term) emerges, and political violence is done by that person's supporters with his encouragement, that it is a virtue to sit on the sidelines and judge those confronting that fascism. Doubly given that the damn "centrists'" policies have played a big role in that fascism emerging. I have to ask you why you think this is above you and how you can justify not confronting Trump and what he represents.

We could focus on the powerful, those that have benefited from policy in recent decades, control the government and the two parties. That requires guts though, you have to fight people more powerful than yourself. Or, we could demonize the groups of people that a relatively weak and work to protect the powerful, the hallmark of fascism. Again, given the mess the "centrists" have created, what solutions do they actually present? They look at the present inequitable, corrupt and ecologically destructive system and they think it is fine. Maybe needs, at most, a few tinkering around the edges. Please, that ain't pragmatic, it's insanity.


Guardian sez: "Fights and scuffles broke out as protesters swapped blows with Trump
supporters and activists eager to celebrate their apparent victory shouted 'Bernie, Bernie' and 'Si se puede' ('Yes we can'), while waving signs supporting the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders."

There is nothing good about this. Whether nottheonly1's establishment false flag or wildfire's misguided Sanders supporters, this incident is now a campaign tool.
Cui bono? Only about 0.1 per cent of the U.S.
Including Rahm's lady friend.


The truth is that these were students and they were protesting Trump's fascism and racism. Undoubtably many were Bernie supporters but it had nothing really to do with Bernie. Trump has been spouting the 'rough em up' attitude towards people who protest his rallies and deportations and walls etc. Trump plays with fire using the politics of hate which is what fascism is about.

Who are we kidding in this country anymore? The young are watching a rigged election and they are losing respect for our society. They watch the older generation install oligarchy, cheat, lie and steal using corrupt politicians and along comes a billionaire oligarch preaching hate AND roughing up protestors at his rallies.

You and the media instantly claim that among these people - these students - were also Bernie supporters and obviously there were some who went to protest who were separate from those out for a confrontation but the truth is that among those who engaged in the confrontations their being for someone wasn't what was important to them. They were there because they were protesting against Trump and what he is doing to America with his hate speech and xenophobia and climate denial and tough guy strongman talk.

Trump started this crap by saying "maybe he should have been roughed up" about his supporters treatment of a peaceful protestor. Is anyone really surprised at what eventually happened? It is once again the sleezing out of America's political discourse that the media and the republicans were willing to excuse that rather than make a big issue over his comments. They haven't made a big issue over many of the anti democracy attitudes of Trump or his threatening talk which egged on what happened eventually but Trump has been lighting a fuse on violence and it happened pretty fast didn't it?

That is who mixed it up >>> students who are afraid that this older generation will destroy a better future and instead stomp on it with hate, violence, racism and fear. They protested fascism!

The fights and confrontations were Trump's own doing. You can't egg on your followers to rough up people and then claim later that you have nothing to do with it if and when it gets out of control. These people weren't Bernie supporters, enough with the manipulation and sleaze tactics. These were anti fascism protestors and anti racism protestors.


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