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Trump's Unnecessary Cruelty


Trump's Unnecessary Cruelty

Robert Reich

The theme that unites all of Trump’s initiatives so far is their unnecessary cruelty.

1. His new budget comes down especially hard on the poor – imposing unprecedented cuts in low-income housing, job training, food assistance, legal services, help to distressed rural communities, nutrition for new mothers and their infants, funds to keep poor families warm, even “meals on wheels.”


Just a somewhat educated guess here, but I imagine that Trump is mostly being told what to do by the far right sociopaths in the Republican Party, people with a long history of disdain, or downright hatred, for the "underclass", the "99%".
Trump, not being political by nature, with no sense of responsibility, and undoubtedly quite lazy, is glad to let others dictate policy, while he plays at being Mr. President.
The whole thing is sickening.


You'd have a lot more credibility, Robert, if you didn't insist on supporting Democrats like Barry Obama and the Clintons, who carry out the exact same cruel policies as their Republican buddies, but with a smile on their faces instead of a scowl. Your opposition to far right policies is not one of substance, but of style. You had every opportunity to help lead a truly progressive movement by helping to build the Green Party, but instead you told voters to hold their noses and vote for Clinton, who promised to be at least as bad if not worse than the Great Orange Dope. Well, no one was buying it then and no one is buying it now. Don't even bother posting stuff like this unless you're willing to devote the time and energy working to get actual liberals and progressives elected, regardless of political affiliation, instead of far right lunatics like the Clintons and their sycophants.


Trump fits right in with that "disdain" for the "underclass." He has in the past stiffed workers and conned folks out of their money with stuff like Trump University.


Michael, you would have a lot more credibility if you had a sense for what is possible and basically a normal sense of reality. You pretend that Obama's giving health insurance to something like 24 million people and having the wealthy pay for a huge share of that is as if it meant nothing.


I'd take you seriously if, rather than attack people who recognize that throwing our lot in with far right corporatist Democrats like Obama and the Clintons, you actually told the truth. Obama's so-called health care agenda was written by and for the big insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Max Baucus boasted on the floor of the Senate that thebill was written by a former Wellpoint executive. That executive, Liz Fowler, then returned to the pharmaceutical industry in a cushy job earned through having helped bail out said industry. Nancy Pelosi bragged after passage of the bill that it was essentially a Republican one. Obamacare, actually Romneycare writ large, failed to cover millions, and did nothing to reign in out of control costs. The law also forbade funding for women's health by denying money to Planned Parenthood, thereby proving once again how willing Democrats are to toss women under the proverbial bus.

So spare me the baloney, will you? If Reich wants to be taken seriously, he has to stop going to bat for the very far right politicians who inflicted Drumpf on us all.


Trump had serious behavior problems as a bully when he was growing up. These problems still seem to dominate his personality and have been manifested in his actions in business and now in government. He is the type of person who should never under any circumstances be president of the US. That was obvious during the campaign and is now clearer than ever. Meanness has been part of Republican conservatism for years. That is why they came up with term compassionate conservative. But that term is really an oxymoron. Trump is raw Republican conservatism with a heavy dose of white supremacy.


Oh, dear. We did not get pie in the sky Medicare for All, YET. So it is of little value. Because it was originally a republican plan, then it is basically worthless. Funny, though, how the "big insurance" writers somehow messed up and they are not making money so far. Funny, also, how Obama managed to get quite a bit of money into Planned Parenthood after all. For you, the difference between good and bad doesn't mean much. It's either totally fabulous, or not so good.


Folks, we must shut the country down, as completely as we are able.

The time for talking is over.

With the House vote going on right now, to decimate healthcare for so many, we are about to begin seeing people dying with a regularity not seen in most of our lives.

I do not believe Trumps base believe this massive transfer of wealth to the top .01% is what they voted for.

This administration is pushing us to act in something other than a non-violent way, and I believe that time is here.

Our ancestors did not fight and die to allow this to happen in our country.

Will we allow this cruelty to continue, so that the rich can benefit from the suffering of others?

Or will we fight to stop it?


In his mind, if you're not a billionaire - you're a loser. Just look at his cabinet of billionaires. We - the rest of America - are losers in his mind.


@ robert reich

after reading about kate raworth's experience as an economics major, i may better understand your blind spot. apparently modern economics has completely divorced itself from ecology which is the study of preserving and protecting natural resources for posterity. initially, economics began as a subset of ecology, however, today's economics focuses totally on the movement of dollar wealth--a human construct--lacking any intrinsic value of its own. please, professor, read the linked article and listen to kate's ted talk. she explains it well. professor, if you believe in the value of education, take this opportunity to continue yours.


Prof. Reich: Please consider ceasing to play catch-up with the Charlatan-in-Chief, and instead focus your influence on efforts to remove him. Thank you.


What is not mentioned in this piece is an even more reprehensible motivation for DJT's assault on our democracy: his deep-rooted hatred of all things Obama, which is reflected in each and every EO (evil order) he has signed to date that undo all that President Obama achieved during his two terms in office. The ochre ogre in chief has never forgiven President Obama for his roasting at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in 2011 and the psychopath that DJT is, he is expressing his revenge at the expense of our nation and the world.