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Trump's USDA Proposes Deceptively Cute Images for GMO Labels, But Nixes the Words 'Genetically Modified'

Trump's USDA Proposes Deceptively Cute Images for GMO Labels, But Nixes the Words 'Genetically Modified'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The public comment period is now open on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's just unveiled proposal for food labeling of products using GMOs—a plan that would have labels without the words "genetically modified" or "genetically engineered," but instead adorned with cheerful images.

Buy organic. (Until they nix that label too)

Direct Democracy


What? Was “Eat This Shit and Die” already taken?


Might as well be an ordinary smiley face or emoji giving consumers the finger…where do they get the employees that dream up this garbage - are there no educated truthful adults involved?..Obvious answer is a resounding no. Maybe these cutsie things can be rolled-over for GITMO propaganda symbols…

Once again we can see the pathetic legacy of sellout barack obama’s craven actions, paving the way for his future via book tour, goldman-sachs speeches, and corporate funding for his library! Yeah barack that DARK Act was something for you to be real proud of! Real “change we can believe-in” - sold us out in so many ways you lying SOS!


Obama appointed dozens of GMO/pesticide cartel operatives to high level posts, including former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to the Ag. Secretary position.



Blastobarf Ectomorph
Baracobarf Endospermia

These are weak attempts to capture an automatic resistance that will be the default interpretation. To make it so repulsive an association to that containers get left on the shelf.

To inspire others to try their hand at this task, here are some of the greatest fails in advertising.
Legendary fails


How about a real simple label instead:  CONTAINS CRAP!!   Or   = CC! =   for short.

Smooth-talkin’ chicken-shit O’Bummer is why Dick Cheney, John Yoo and a whole alphabet of War-Criminal scum in between are still walking free, not to mention the Banksters responsible for the 2008 recession.  The feeling of betrayal he left behind is a BIG reason we don’t have Queen Hilliary today (not that Tweetle-Dumb is any better than she would have been.)

Why not keep it simple:  BE = Barf + Excrement
  (Ingestion could be Hazardous to your Health!)


Interesting – if you fill out the form for the government … there’s a tracking # …
but not for you votes … only for comments!

What did it cost Monsanto to buy our government?


nature –

I’m sure you know that Monsanto’s “Round Up” and their GMO products are
moving through the air into other fields, being taken up by bees – bees are
dying increasingly – and honey is now 40% or more contaminated by herbicides.

So is other vegetation contaminated by Round Up.

We need to ban Chlorpyrifos and Neonics, as well.

They will contaminate all vegetation until there can no longer be even a concept of organic
any longer.


Pennies on the dollar, friend.


Thank you, Steven –

had no idea that Monsanto now owns the Weather Channel … more or less, indirectly … !!!

Think that’s what you’re saying.

I’ve watched the Weather Channel when we had big snowstorms here this past winter.
Otherwise ignore it – but neither were they much help on weather anytime I’ve tuned in.

Evidently, children’s school textbooks now carry pictures which actually show Chemtrails
in the sky as something normal.

It also seems to me that while many ADS by corporations like Monsanto and Big Pharma
are being run to buy off the networks from telling any bad news about them and their
products … that the ads are also being used now, especially, to try to suggest to the
American public … that “everything is normal and life is going on as usual in the USA and
the world.” “Nothing to worry about.”

Thank you for bringing these much needed reports on Chemtrails here, Steven. :slight_smile:

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I would like to see all GMO foods labeled like this: WARNING EATING THIS FOOD MAY BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH…

Folks: Just like corporate news rots your brain; corporate food poisons your body, because corporate food is made for profit, not for your health… and this proposed deception by the USDA is just more proof!


Chances are that Trump and his conservative hordes are busy trying to destroy the organic label.

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LIES LIES AND MORE LIES BY OMISSION. CORRUPTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER continues in the White House and all its executive agencies.


Steven –
Think I may have mentioned that an internet friend, journalist in CA used to keep
me informed on investigations of Chemtrails and other issues – but she is sadly
ill now and no longer a source for me.
And it’s how I am familiar with Dane Wigingtongeoengineeringwatch.org
I’d like to see more TEXT which could be copied to share with other readers.
The CC is helpful in viewing the videos, but I’ve tried to prepare very moving
comments from one of the videos and it’s just nearly impossible to do.

California, it seems, has done more than any other state to try to crack this issue
and have the public understand the dangers of it.

But basically it seems that the secrets of Elites are now widely covered by GAG rules.

I feel strongly that morally our population has to show itself as very clearly opposed to
all of these “illegal wars of aggression” – to the suffering our government/CIA have
brought to Iraq and Middle Eastern countries.

That we must stand against Israel and Genocide and our government funding it and
providing weapons.

That morally we must stand up for the impoverished and ill in the US and demand

That has to be the least we can do.

They hire directly from Monsanto. Monsanto hires directly from Congress. If it doesn’t say “Organic” puke it back up. Make sure your restaurants understand it too.

…and I always felt Genetically Modified labeling was too weak; I always preferred genetically manipulated.

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Yes. Do please click through, but be prepared. It’s not set up to comment mostly on the images featured here, or even on the euphemism of “bioengineered.” The proposed rule (30 pages in the Federal Register, which you can download as a PDF from the comment link) actually has 3 different sets of cheerily green-colored alternative logos and a number of other open questions to be addressed in comments. One of the most alarming is exactly what constitutes BE food (which is itself here established as if it’s a recognized term). Does it include traditional breeding programs? Does it include meat from animals fed BE food? Pardon me, but when Ag posts this open-ended a “proposed rulemaking,” it is not really inviting the comments of ordinary citizens. I’d like to figure out how to nip “BE food” in the bud, but it’s going to take some research and consideration.

All I have to say is fuck trump and his USDA. Actually this holds for his entire administration they are all money groveling swine who belong in and who will rot in hell for all the suffering they are causing.

And, they want to slaughter any being they are not able to control.