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Trump's USDA Sued Over Program Allowing 'Horrific' Mass Slaughter of Native Wildlife

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/trumps-usda-sued-over-program-allowing-horrific-mass-slaughter-native-wildlife


It was outrageous when Obama did it too. And corporate stooge presidents before him. That tells you the solution is not voting for Biden. A lawsuit is a good start.

I’m all for protecting wildlife and the environment, but if you lived in a rural setting like I do, you most likely wouldn’t have a problem with the coyote kills. They are reeking havoc on the ecological balance here because of a lack of predator’s, and they are not indigenous east of the Mississippi River but they are everywhere. 3 huge packs here where I live, I can’t keep a cat on my property for the mice and field rats anymore. Coyotes are supposed to help with rodent populations, apparently cats taste better to them.

There’s no use trying to spin an article about the slaughter of wildlife to make it a pro-Trump, anti-Biden attack. It’s ludicrous.


You are not “all for protecting the wildlife and the environment.”
Your comment is totally founded on your belief that the presence of yourself, your human-created pet animals, and the rest of the human grid are of paramount importance.
The simple fact is that we are the invasive species in every landscape we enter.
We never fit in to an ecological niche, we destroy it.
Coyotes are a lot more indigenous to where you live than you are.
In fact, your cat is indigenous nowhere, because it is a human-created species made by selectively breeding origin felines. Your cat is not a product of natural selection and evolutionary biology.
The coyotes are.
They and the few other predator species that have survived in North America have done so in part by migrating to get away from human predation in their original range.
The article details far more than coyote kills.
The bottom line is that YOU and your cat and other humans are the destructive invaders in that environment, and are doing far more harm to the “ecological balance” than any coyotes ever could.


I was responding to the title of the article, “Trump’s USDA”. I have never said anything pro-Trump in my life. You made that up.

Whoa, that’s the opposite of my experience with coyotes in a rural area west of the Mississippi. I’ve had them near my house for 40 years, and all my neighbors have outside cats, and no one has had a coyote problem with house pets. And killing wildlife never helps in the long run.


Again, coyotes are not indigenous to areas east of the Mississippi River, they have no predators in this area of the country to keep their populations in balance with nature. Anytime any animal population becomes unbalanced it’s a problem, and the rest of the ecosystem suffers. West of the river there are mountain lions that do prey on coyotes, we don’t have that here.

Once again you skim over the facts, and cherry pick the points you think make your case against other peoples posts. I’m not surprised, it’s become a theme with you.
If man didn’t exist, coyotes wouldn’t exist where I live, but you can’t seem to digest that fact.

They will come to regret this decision. This should be part of the GND under how to stop creating more problems.

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Instead of enforcing the death penalty on coyotes, you should be asking yourself why you have such an unbalanced ecology. Coyotes are messengers. Evidently, this is a big message.


What is going on with you people, I explained in my above posts above why the local and distant ecology is screwed up in reference to the coyote unbalance. There’s no reason to feel sorry for them, they don’t belong east of the Mississippi River, period.
Why are all of you acting as if I caused the unbalance? It was caused many, many years ago in the west.
If man never existed on this planet, coyotes would not exist east of the river, because their natural predators would keep their numbers low enough, to inhibit their expansion to the east, where they have no natural predators. Do you all feel sorry for the pythons that are destroying the animal diversity in the Everglades?

Too many humans refuse to see that other creatures have a right to their miserable lives, too.

Coyotes are a very adaptable. There is a lot said about them but mostly they have the shortest arrow but a special gift. I’m not saying you caused the imbalance, it sounds as if you are trying to live with it. Coyotes came with European colonists (the Spanish) but remain wild with an ecology niche of their own now, that is quite extensive. I was asking something else.

I don’t feel sorry for any of them but I think there is something to be learned from them. Pythons, I don’t think should be welcomed, maybe relocated. I don’t know.

Hope you are out of harms way with all the storms in your area.

Wrong. It’s YOU who skims over the facts in my comment, because you can’t dispute them. Ironically, you verify what I said in my comment, which is that humans likely drove coyotes out of their original range so they fled to where you live.
Regardless, coyotes and other native North American species are far more a natural part of any ecosystem than you and your cat are.
All the coyotes in the world have done far less harm to the biosphere than you, your cat and other humans and their pets.
It is YOU who are not native there. From the perspective of all other species, there should be an eradication program to get rid of humans.
It’s all a matter of whether you’re a selfish dominionist who believes the world is here for humans to do whatever they want to, or if you have respect for the biosphere and the web of life.
You obviously know nothing useful about wildlife ecology, conservation biology, or any other topic relevant to this.
But knowing nothing is a theme with you, someone whose screen name is an accessory for firearms!

You really are dumber than a box of hammers, and like most other topics you know nothing about, add to the list, what my screen name means.

As far as the storm, yes we will be fine here, thanks. The people of Lake Charles, LA, not so much. A Cat 4, 6 weeks ago, and now a possible Cat 3. I’ve lived here for 47 years, and have never seen or heard of that before.
Your normally level headed about a wide variety of topics, so I’m surprised you find one non-indigenous animal unacceptable in a given ecosystem and not the other. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

I’m glad to hear that you have a safe space. I can only imagine the storms around you. The swirling circles we see on the news here. While we are still on fire here. Not where I live but pretty much on all four sides. We are record breaking here too. We would gladly take some of that water off your hands if we could.

Thank you, I consider you level headed as well. I would add interested to examine an issue for truth as well.

I had that same question about species so I’ll just say. I see a coyote every once in a while, usually when I am closer to their territory unlike foxes that are a bit more interwoven in the area because of farming. And, I use to live with big snakes when I lived in Central America and didn’t think to much about it. Pythons in Florida seem reckless, and it has a bad feeling to it is all. This is something that requires more thought.

Different things tell you a lot about where you live. When I lived further north there was far more interaction between domesticated animals and wildlife. Mute point as much of it has been destroyed by fire.

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Thanks Carol. Glad someone else recognizes the “Don’t vote for Biden” ploy.

Don’t forget the “balance of nature” situation."
Without the rodent predation that coyotes provide the rodents become the scourge instead. I assume the rabbit population would soar as well.