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Trump's "Utterly Alarming" DAPL Order May Violate Law: Standing Rock Sioux


Trump's "Utterly Alarming" DAPL Order May Violate Law: Standing Rock Sioux

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Standing Rock Sioux has responded to President Donald Trump's executive order to push through the long-contested Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), calling the memorandum "utterly alarming" and warning that it could violate federal law.


From the Injustice Boycott to support the water protectors:

As always, 100% of your donation goes directly to the legal aid. Just know, that as you read this email, Energy Transfer Partners, and all of the banks behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, have hired the top law firms in the world to defeat us. I have sources inside some of those law firms who have reached out to tell me just how hard they are prepared to go.

Here are your options:

DONATE to the Red Fawn Legal Fund. https://www.generosity.com/fundraising/free-red-fawn

DONATE to the Water Protector Legal Collective https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/11B5z8

DONATE to the Lakota People's Law Project. https://secure.everyaction.com/GKhPKap1OEisQft2qcms4Q2

DONATE to the Red Warrior Defense Fund. https://www.gofundme.com/redwarriorcamp

DONATE to Earth Justice. https://secure.earthjustice.org/site/Donation2?df_id=10960&10960.donation=form1&_ga=1.246473796.136151625.1485366488

Over the past year, most of these funds you will see on the various websites have already exhausted the legal aid that they have raised. That is why we are even in the position we are in today where the pipeline construction has been halted.

Let's make sure that they have EVERYTHING they need to fight off the Dakota Access Pipeline. Let's make sure they have every time of attorney they need. Let's make sure that they have the funds to fight this battle on the front lines and in the court room.

They are counting on you. Give your best gift today, please. And encourage everybody you know to join you.

Grateful to know you and to be in this fight alongside you.


Thank you for the links above. No Dakota Access Pipeline! No Keystone XL Pipeline! Ever! Period!


"The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) violates Article 2 of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty..." Google. This is the treaty that is being violated. There are a few reasons that come to mind why our Prezs shouldn't have the ability to sign Executive Orders. One is that there might be some guidelines that are set out from the day before they take office, such as treaties.


Until it is clear that President trump has no financial conflicts of interest, no Executive Order can be considered as 'lawful'.

That he may 'profit' financially from any of his Executive Orders is contrary to law, so such orders should have neither force nor effect.


I stand with Standing Rock. They are showing us the way, civil disobedience, non-violent direct action in prayer. You can read more on Facebook, Sacred Stone Camp and Chase Iron Eyes, at last real indians, are all staying, standing their ground. Besides contributions to legal funds, they could also use firewood, and/or money to buy truck loads of local firewood. They do not need any more clothing donations, I do not think. Or if they do, only zero degree insulated gloves etc. Mountaineering 30 degrees below zero stuff.
Water is Life. Mni Wiconi.


Don has the heart of a plunderer, just like Cheney.
But all legal, so no problem


If Trump were that other, more common, kind of toilet, we could simply flush and the stink would be gone.


Ok, pretend i'm Diogenes looking for the last honest elected representative ... someone in Congress needs to start articles of impeachment NOW -- every HOUR that passes increases the chances that the orange ape will do something that will take us past the point of no return! And yeah, I know that leaves us with Pence and Ryan, but we have to start somewhere and once the idiot is gone we can work on removing ALL possibility of being ruled by ANY reptardican!


I have absolutely no use for Pence, but I agree, Trump is so bad that if he was impeached it would at least send a message to Pence and as horrible as Pence is, I doubt if he is mentally dysfunctional.


I'm trying to get the "Naturally Together Sisters", NH Congressional Delegation, to Impeach. Unlawful Propositions of a Constitutional Nature: Arson/Fraud/Perjury/Treason! Impeach!


I read an article the other day on CounterPunch that reminded us of Spiro T Agnew (I know, with a name like that how cld he EVER be 4gttn?) and how he was removed even b4 tricky dick was ... I think all of us peons should be researching Pence [and Ryan] to see if we can find proof that they can be removed with the orange ape -- we need to remember that Pence and Ryan have been elected terrorists long enough to have a few serious skeleteons in the back of their closets! :smirk:


Great work! This post needs to be bookmarked.


Please tell us more about this group as I'm sure there are many of us on here that would love to support and back-up these fine women in thisn righteous endeavor!


Thank you for contacting! This is "Grass Roots", tomorrow I go to the
Public Library with "Naturally Together Sisters" +"Citizens Un-tied" =
UPRISING! "These fine women" would include my wife (animal) Snow Leopard
and a few librarians/friends

One thing to do right now is to bombard the all female (4) NH congressional
delegation, with "Naturally Together Sisters"??, will they step up?
Impeach? I need to get these key words out: Citizens Un-tied/United Against
the Juggernaut and Naturally Together Sisters


Has the evil emperor ever felt compelled to adhere to any laws that do not suit his personal needs and desires...EVER? And he ain't about to start...especially when he thinks he now has unlimited power. And the executive orders under his reign of horror have morphed into "executioner orders."


I have copied your links into a word file and will refer to them for my donations. Previously I donated to the Lakota Peoples' Law Project and will make future donations to others on your list to lend my support to their valiant efforts to save their futures and that of our precious environment.

Thanks again for the valuable info.



And Cheney has already used/abused one heart and is working on yet another. There is an empty cavity in T-dump's chest where a heart should be...same in his skull; empty cavity where a brain should be or, if there is one, it is syphilitic and/or rotting with evil and rancor.


If i may add to Giovanna, please look up the treaty that's being violated. All you have to do is google "DAPL treaty violation" and it will come right up. I would ask this because it is a way to the UN. Our country's treaty violations are seen by the UN. Whether anything happens is another matter, BUT, it is recorded. Also when DAPL supporters say how bad we need the pipeline, the treaty violation is an added foundation for the argument to stand on.


"If the president does it, that means it's not illegal". I believe Nixon said that? This administration will test to see how far that saying applies.