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Trump's Version of Winning the War Is Evicting Older and Vulnerable Tenants To Make More Money


Trump's Version of Winning the War Is Evicting Older and Vulnerable Tenants To Make More Money

About that grotesque mural of Dear Leader facing kids at the entrance of the detention center - aka internment camp - in Brownsville, Texas: Photos show the Trump quote, “Sometimes losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” Turns out the quote, from "Art of the Deal," references his failed attempt to evict tenants from their homes to build a glitzy condo complex; the city's lawsuit charged him with a host of slimy moves - "threats of imminent demolition,” "drastic decreases in essential services,” "a psychological tug-of-war” including blackmail about tenants' sex lives - that would be hard to believe if not for the last 500 days.


A Big Thank You goes out to Abby, Commondreams staff and to the people that post comments here. The lipstick on a pig reminds me to find a bit of fun in a most depressing time. It is my hope that everyone here will someday soon be smearing lipstick on their favorite Pig.


Sort of takes me back a few years when a city used “Eminent Domain” [the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.] to take some lower income property in an area. They then sold it to some wealthy company [Public use?] who was to then evict the poor and the elderly from their homes and demolish them so a condo and market complex could be built.
*We’ve been slipping and sliding on this shitslope for quite a few years, but the gradient is increasing and the shit is spreading.


I fear that “they” will not wake-up, they are all out shopping for Daddy’s Day gifts. Buy Buy Buy.


The tenets should band together and return the favor.
See how long it takes a frump hotel to fall down.


This whole idea of putting murals full of bullshit propaganda about the “greatness” of the USA in a place whose purpose is to hold young people who had believed the bullshit slogans but instead are held until they are brutally kicked back into their dangerous home countries which they had hoped to flee and find a new life - all along the way being fed the bullshit propaganda - is lbeyond Kafkaesque.


My God, Trump is a scum bag criminal who needs to be destroyed not venerated. NOW!