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Trump's Very Good Job

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/05/15/trumps-very-good-job


trump dressed up like Buzz Lightyear, awesome! Agree, he/it should be the first Space Farce figure launched into the furthest reaches of space, along with his/it’s children and assorted non thinking corrupt butt buddies.


I appreciate (and agree with) the sentiment in this column, but the use of ‘Barbie Press Secretary’ is misogynist, focusing on her sex, not her incompetency.


“Press secretary” is simply retitles his campaign manager. She continues to function as a campaign manager with a different title, repeating the lies, talking points and myths that she always has.


Yet there still 63000000 some odd Americans that the “Super Duper” will dupe this next election. The real tragedy is that people who vote for the Democrats will be duped as well. The duopoly is super duper!


Yes, with 95% of US voters casting votes for corporate Dimcritters or corporate Republicans since the dawn of the 21st century, DC politicians have zero incentive to advance the interests of the 99% while having every incentive to advance the interests of the 1% that own the best Congress money can buy.


You are right of course but it still fits.

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Calling her Barbie is an insult to Barbies everywhere!

I kept waiting for her to announce that the chocolate ration has been increased.

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Unfortunately, since Trump is a dirty fighter and so are his cohorts, one needs to fight fire with fire. What I worry about is that Biden and the Dems don’t have the stomach for a dirty fight, and that’s why trump may get re-elected. The ONLY way to beat him, I believe is to pay him back in his own coin…he won’t be expecting that nr will he be prepared for it since he has had a free-hand with his dirty fighting all his life (because most people are too decent to sink to that level).


I enjoy these snark columns – Trump is an easy target.

Like a clown, he wears spray on make-up and an outlandish wig.

Yet he kicked a “serious” candidate’s ass in the electoral college in 2016 (and, BTW, in the popular vote if you exclude California) and he’s poised to do the to the “safe” candidate this year.

So how’s about we get some snark in an article that derides the comedic splendor of the d-party moving eternally right, losing, and then blaming the left for their problems? That would be fun, man.


Yeah, Imma go with Trump-Fluffer-lyin’-Barbie.
Idk if it’s not pc.

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Ok so how about, she’s so blonde … how can you tell when someone has a blonde secretary? There’s white-out all over the computer screen.*

*Back in a past life I took care of the books for a salon and the head of it thought I would look really good as a blonde so he bleached the he!! out of my brown hair and I became a blonde – the reason I brought that up is b/c a) l am a woman, and as such, can change my hair color anytime I want to; and b) the covidiot’s Barbie press secretary could change her hair color but she would still be a mo-Ron.

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What a disgusting photo from the funeral home.
MAGA at it’s finest?

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You have it backwards. The comparisons arise because that’s exactly why he put her out there. We all know who the misogynist is. Nice try, tho.