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Trump's Vineyard Looks to Hire Foreign Workers for U.S. Jobs


Trump's Vineyard Looks to Hire Foreign Workers for U.S. Jobs

Nika Knight, staff writer

In another demonstration of President-elect Donald Trump's blatant conflicts of interest, a Trump family vineyard filed a request this month for six temporary foreign worker visas—visas which Trump's administration will soon have the power to approve.


Oh goody. Lets just pretend a whole bunch more. The hephalumps in the rum are beginning to break wind. Point the fingers but shhh..... that white hephalump invisibilized as another 'externalized cost' is the fact that foreign workers are brought in because the oligarchs - like Donald Trump - refuse to pay a living wage - especially in agriculture and so many service sectors.
Decades of propaganda have turned most usa people against the labor involved to put healthy food on the table - and to sufficiently respect those who do, to think they deserve a living wage. Addressing this would go a long way to restoring the psychological health of this society.


That Trump wine bottle would make a good molotov cocktail.


And the hypocrisy never ends. Wonder how long it will take his supporters to get they've been sold down the river...


Forever...because they would never admit that they had been duped by a dope!


Classy label for a bottle of acidic vinegar...and that is the vintage stock. The "foreign workers" will surely be well-vetted before being allowed to work...in a pig's eye, they will...vetting costs money and the least amount that T-dump businesses can spend on labor, the better it is for their bottom line. Wonder if that label is also used on cheap prophylactics (gold, of course) and grain alcohol?

On a road to hell....


Trump ... vineyard ...? The only poor slobs that would drink that swill are the ones who have already gotten drunk on his kool-ade! Like so ewwwww!


Thanks, Nika. The numbers should have been available during the election. But someone could have also pointed more strongly to Trump's immigrant wife and father before buying his songs.

The problem is complex. It is not only about wage, but also about image. If every foreign person could legally come and stay in America simply by buying a one-way ticket, I honestly believe American would likely be outnumbered rather quickly, maybe like the native Indians. One thing Trump may actually do to reduce immigration rates? Dull Amerca's shiny luster.

...You know, where I have been teaching around China for the last ten years , people don't find big cities crowded at all...

I have an immigrant husband. And an immigrant grandfather. And many immigrant inlaws. Hubby came for ideals. Grandpa came to escape Scandinavia's war. Inlaws were escaping , ahem, the ravages of regime change.


All of which points to the underlying scurrilous manipulation of what it means to be a human being... and who benefits, who and what is sacrificed on the alter of dissociative distortion of oikos by the likes of its head priests like Milton Freidman...


Good point but I don't believe "most usa people" are against agricultural workers or labor in general. I would agree that many are indifferent or unaware of migrant labor which, in my mind, may constitute an even greater social ill. We cannot call ourselves " The Land of the Free" when wage slaves cannot afford the basics of a comfortable life, be they temporary workers or home grown citizens.


Boycott any and all of his garbage including his wine.................


This is just a test case. He'll need more of those visas when he starts to build the wall -- the wall, not that Mexico will pay for, but that Mexicans will build! In essence, we'll pay Mexicans for the wall, not vice versa.


When the oligarchs are in power, they can pay people a poverty wage while proclaiming that all is well and that only they can make the country great again.
They can demonize immigrants while importing immigrants to pad their profit line.
They sing their patriotism and virtue while expanding the multitudinous pages of political corruption.
The inauguration will be a spectacle of social dysfunction and deviance.
A real barf-fest.


I am as anti-Trump as anyone but his issue as I understand it is with illegal immigration and not legal immigration (at least non-muslim). This article plays into the hands of those on the right who accuse progressives and liberals of distorting the issues.

This is not to say some of those he represents are not anti-immigration (legal and illegal) but i am pretty sure its not his position, at least for jobs I that Americans are willing and able to do, and lets face it, most dont want agricultural jobs