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Trump's Visit Marks the Start of Shock Doctrine Brexit


Trump's Visit Marks the Start of Shock Doctrine Brexit

Adam Ramsay

Trump landed with a negotiating position. If Theresa May’s Brexit plan goes ahead, it would probably “kill the deal”, he told The Sun, referring to the trade agreement he’s here to discuss.


This is how the late great George Carlin put it regarding the neoliberal assault on the US:

I am afraid that Mr. Ramsay is onto some very accurate connections and thank him for this insightful article.


Carlin told such simple truths. He was just able to look past all the bullshit and distill what should have already been obvious to all…but was not. He is the one who taught me that whenever dealing with politicians or corporations to always assume the worst. If you do that, you can never be far from the mark.


This has all been very confusing not knowing what exit or stay means. Your headline was what caught my eye and made me read it through. Disaster Capitalism: Shock Doctrine was one of the most enlightening books I’ve read.

Thank you for your insight and clarity and educating me.


Very helpful article, filling a few spaces in this Brexit cacophony that had me a bit baffled.
Too bad the MSM will not do much more on Brexit that worthless sound bites.


Of course, almost all of the CD commentership were rabid supporters of Brexit. They thought that it was going to allow the UK to stick it to the European “bankster” cabal, and, well, whatever…


While President Boris Yeltsin bumbled on the international stage, Russia was plundered. Powerful men took control of key economic assets, moving billions of dollars offshore and turning themselves into oligarchs overnight

Boris Yeltsin only won the 1996 vote due to election meddling by the USA!


Excellent report and analysis, thanks for posting here from OpenDemocracy.

Makes clear that for all the noise about Russian interference in US elections, the biggest darkest players have much larger games going on behind the facade, and the “public face” of geopolitics does not clarify who are actually enemies and allies.