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Trump's Voter Fraud Lie Dubbed "Prelude to Massive Suppression"


Trump's Voter Fraud Lie Dubbed "Prelude to Massive Suppression"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump's call for a "massive investigation" into widely debunked "voter fraud"—and his vow to "strengthen up voting procedures" depending on what that probe reveals—is merely laying the groundwork for further Republican voter suppression measures, democracy experts are warning.


Was this the last national election (phony as it was)? Is it time for a counter-coup?


The insane clown president is throwing poison darts at every thing as fast as he can. It is obvious I know, but this is the moment of truth for our future. Winona LaDuke says its "time to find our courage and resist". We must.


The only voter fraud going on is the fraud of claiming that there's voter fraud and then using that claim to suppress the vote.


Exactly - but look what happened in New York yesterday evening - following a social media call from Josh Fox and others to march to the Trump Tower to resist his re-authorization of the DAPL and Keystone Pipeline, the thousands of protestors encountered those interlocking, waist-high metal police barricades the cordoning off a block in every direction from the Trump Tower. So what did they do? They proceeded to passively and obediently march around the barricaded area (no doubt taking care to stay on the sidewalks) until they tired of it and went back home....

People - that is NOT what resistance looks like!!!

Edit: I now await the accusations of being a "agent provocateur" because I am advocating disobeying the police (oooohhh! knocking over a steel barricade is violence!)


Steve Bannon was registered in New York and in Florida (see The Guardian). Was his vote rejected?


Investigate voter suppression Jackass!


Will there be an actual impartial scientifically valid investigation into all aspects of the electoral system (joke)? Or will there be a twitter storm, some political yelling and a conclusion that millions voted illegally? Will the media go along with the latter? The question that must be asked is: where will the structural force come from to counter the final destruction of the democratic process?


As a scrawny, bullied youth, I discovered a small book in the public library about Ju-Jitsu, a Japanese martial art that utilized the force and momentum of an uncontrolled assailant against himself. We should welcome the media focus on election fraud and encourage DT and his co-conspirators to gin up as much hysteria as possible. We should heartily agree that indeed election fraud has been responsible for denying millions of eligible voters their right under the constitution to vote, and has rigged the elections in favor of the Republicans for many years. It is universally recognized that in 2000 over 70,000 eligible voters were illegally removed from Florida voter rolls. The removal, across the country, of possibly millions of eligible voters, especially in swing states, especially in high minority districts, in 2016 now has all the documentation necessary to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the true fraudsters and enemies of democracy have been the Republicans. If our new liar in chief wants to highlight this issue, especially now that a newly revived mainstream media is showing a willingness to recognize facts vs. lies, we should let the huckster call as many witnesses as he is able to recruit to view their crimes.


He will never call for a massive investigation into the 27 states of Interstate Crosscheck, but 31 voters of one billion votes demands intense investigative scrutiny.


The 'Constitutional Law Criminal, Bloviating Boob in Chief' is now in Day 6 in continuous violation of our country's Constitution. Will someone out there please show this Baffoon the door?


Trump is correct,voter fraud is true, what could be more fraudulent than our current president!


Does this mean he will investigate redistricting, closing polls early, disenfranchising people of color from voting, ID requirements and other Republican voting fraud? If so, hurray.


A couple of years ago Nikki Haley jumped on the ‘voter fraud’ bandwagon and apparently using the ‘crosscheck’ tool provided by Republican co-conspirators and with much fanfare, proclaimed to have found 900 cases of voter fraud in her state of SC. She proudly proclaimed that their assertions had been double checked, spending months of state resources and over a million dollars in state tax money, to verify the claim. After a few months they had to admit that their claims had been wrong 900 out of 900 times. Not a single instance found during their intense investigation of ‘voter fraud’ in SC had turned out to be true. Their documented lies are the easiest weapons to use against them.


In my view, Trump's bald faced lie and bogus claims of voter fraud does not matter to him, because this seems to me to be a prelude to Trump planning to being reelected in 2020.


Right-wing sites are full of this story with hundreds of comments per story: the expected 'Libtard' gloating and fear of the brown people. But, while there is complete certainty there that millions of illegal votes were cast, there is also a tiny awareness in some commenters that actually finding out might not be a bad thing.


There are still some of us that can remember living under a Constitutional Republic. I remember how we fought to keep it in the early '40s.
* I remember the tremendous battles for civil rights, the work to better the common man. I remember the joy of Roe vs Wade. I remember women getting their own freedom, all under the Constitution.
* I also remember vividly the coup of November 22, 1963.
* I have studied Germany, and the rise and fall of the Third Reich. With a stroke of his pen, Hitler erased all of the civil rights the German People had gained.
* I have watched and warned about this ever since Bush II was appointed by the Supremes to be president. Incrementally, the gains made in this country have been erased or set back over the past two decades.
* Now, we are watching the newly elected fuehrer destroy every social and humanitarian advance of the last century with a stroke of his pen.
* Now we are watching the newly elected Fuehrer destroy the environment, advocate for more military, more wars, because war is the most profitable business on earth and the Fourth Reich is the leader in that business. Raping the earth is profitable, blocking all restrictions on corporate greed is profitable. To this fuehrer, the people, of this nation and the earth do not count. They are disposable if they cost the Oilagarchy anything. They are only useful if they will consent to be worked to death and are willing to go into high interest debt for the junk they produce for the Oilagarchy.
* Hitler and his "cabinet" worked to destroy everything but absolute obedience to der Fuehrer.
* Welcome to the new fuehrer, Herr Trump and his cabinet of destroyers. Already, in just a week, he seems to have cancelled almost every gain the United States has made in the last century with just a stroke of his pen. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.
* In Germany, there was a short window in time where Hitler could have been removed. The people hesitated and the opportunity was lost. Then it was up to a generation of people to spend their lives removing that stench on humanity.
* I hope we have not lost our window of opportunity.
* In Germany, it became, "The law is what the fuehrer says it is! Heil Hitler!"
Let's hope that this country doesn't wind up listening to "The law is what the fuehrer says it is! Heil Trump!"


Robert Weissman: “Trump's call for a ‘major investigation’ into nonexistent voter fraud is a fraud on democracy.”

Of course, voter suppression, gerrymandering, and big money have played a major role in rigging elections, but what about the fraud that has been perpetrated through manipulation of the electronic voting machines? Bernie had the Democratic nomination stolen from him and exit polls discrepancies favored Trump in the swing states, giving him his electoral college win.

Republicans have stolen hundreds (perhaps thousands) of elections since we moved to electronic voting machines in 2002. If Democrats continue to ignore this issue, Republicans will hold large majorities at the local, state, and national levels for decades.

Follow Jonathan Simon at http://codered2014.com/. I highly recommend his interviews and his book “Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century (2016 edition).”

Simon’s latest piece: http://www.mintpressnews.com/donald-trump-warned-of-a-rigged-election-was-he-right/224326/



For many years now, I've been reminding people that the world is run by men with guns. I think people in the USA don't always understand that very simple truth.


Bingo! That to me, looks like DJT's modus operandi for 2020.