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Trump's War Against Iran


Trump's War Against Iran

Eric Margolis

Israel launched waves of air attacks and ground shelling on a score of alleged Iranian military positions in Syria this week. Was this a big step forward in the plan by Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu and his ally Donald Trump to provoke a major war with Iran?


This intentional provocation of Iran is absolutely stupid, and totally unnecessary. These evil bastards are obviously determined to do whatever they must to insure that we will always be
in a state of war. There is no doubt whatsoever that we are now a Fascist nation, no matter how many choose to live in a state of denial. Welcome to the United States of War!

Once again, Iran is not our enemy.


If Trump wants a war with Iran, We the People of the United States of America must make it clear to him that he, his family, his administration officials, and his Republican party politicians, will need to be the ones to fight it.

1,2,3,4, we don’t want your fucking war.


Yep, that’s what it was.


" Iran’s best survival strategy, short of security guarantees by Russia and China, would be to race to produce a small number of nuclear weapons to deter attacks by the US and Israel. "

What’s to prevent Russia and China from supplying nukes to Iran?


No, Iran is not our enemy…our enemy, and that of any nation, group, or people that confronts the aggression, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, and/or genocide and act as other than lap-dog puppet to their beligeratce, is Israel!

Right now the EU nations have a very serious choice to make; sticking strongly with the JCPOA - P5+1 deal, backed by Iran’s compliance, International Law and diplomacy, by confronting trumps extremist servile warmongering and Israeli boot-licking, or become one themselves…to their everlasting shame. The Euros have a golden opportunity based on law, wisdom, and honor (if not self-interest) to change the dynamic…just hope they have the strength to do so and not just fold!


Given what happened in Vietnam and Iraq it should be very clear that the ability of the US military to accomplish anything through a large invasion is very limited. All the Arab countries are potentially unstable because a large percentage of their populations want a religious government. Democracy means a religious government will take over. It happened in Iraq where the voters chose a candidate from a religious Shiite party and it happened in Egypt where voters chose a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as leader. The most powerful group in Lebanon is the religious political organization Hezbollah. In Gaza the religious political organization Hamas rules. Iran is ruled by a theocratic group which has put down all attempts to overthrow it. But is also has democratic government that operates on a lower level of authority. Saudi Arabia is the most religious country in the Middle East. It is ruled by a royal family. Obviously a military solution in the Middle East for the US is fools gold. Democracy doesn’t work in the Arab countries of the Middle East and there is an overall conflict between Sunnis and Shiites both between countries and within countries. It took many centuries for the European countries to have stable democracies and even now these democracies are in jeopardy in a number of these countries. It has only been about 100 years since the Ottoman Empire ended in the Middle East and it would seem like that it will take a number centuries for any sort of stability to be achieved. The US should know better than to start a war that would involve the invasion or Iran. Rather it should focus on ending the war in Afghanistan and trying to find some solution in Syria.


True, Amerika’s enemies are not foreign, but domestic. One wonders when the military will keep their oath to the Constitution of America to protect the US from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!

I read a quote a long time ago that America would not be defeated from without by foreign enemies, but would be defeated from within. I do not remember who was the person that made that quote, but it looks it was prescient to say the least.


And that brings to mind…the more some things change the more they stay the same…and get worse.

It was a great party…even with the rain!


A “true” Peoples Party at that.


The (mis-)adventures of the U.S. in the Middle East and N. Africa were never about “Democracy” in the first place. The terms “Democracy” and “Freedom” were lies from the beginning, used to whip up support for illegal wars. It was/is mostly about $$$$. It always was.
It always will be.


I think there is more to it than money. That is a very jaded view. I am not sure there was a specific purpose but in general they wanted democracy for stability and having governments leaning toward the West. One important purpose of stability would be to remove the uncertainty of access to Middle Eastern oil. No more oil boycotts. The fact that Iraq was set up to be a democracy shows that democracy was important. Had the winners of the elections included the Sunnis and Kurds in the government there is a good chance it would have worked. But that isn’t how it is done in the Middle East. On group tries to dominate another.


Weakening and humiliating the EU has always been an American objective. While NATO keeps European foreign policy mostly under its control, a successful and buoyant Europe could enact the clear desire of its respective populations to be free of US subjugation. That must be suppressed, according to the US view of the world, and one of the side effects of the catastrophic and criminal interventions in the Middle East has been useful in achieving this. The flood of refugees has weakened the EU and triggered the regrowth of toxic nationalism in the member countries, most obviously in the UK (always the EU’s Achilles’ Heel, since it has been so aggressively Atlanticist as well as hostile to the social democracy which kept European electorates on-board with the EU project), where Brexit has been the obvious result. America will not be weeping over any of these consequences. A potential rival weakened is more strength to its arm.


It’s a pity America cannot wield it’s great sword with justice.


it was Stalin who made the quote


Thank you for pointing that out.