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Trump's War Cabinet and Coming American Despotism: Will We the People Rise Up?

Trump's War Cabinet and Coming American Despotism: Will We the People Rise Up?

Nozomi Hayase

The United States is in a major upheaval. Trump’s cabinet shake up moves the country into an alarming direction.


Love is the best as long as it doesn’t result in overpopulation.

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The way the First Nations peoples looked at consensus making and allowed members of a Community to act on their own Consciences is exemplified in an incident with the French and the Huron. The Huron had long fought the Iroquois as rivals for the same territories. While no where as bloody as European Wars they did have their wars.

In any case Samuel De Champlain was trying to organize an expedition agaisnst the Iroquois and went to the Hurons local Chiefs to gather their support. The French did not need a consensus to go to war. All that had to happen was for those in charge to give the orders and the soldiers would have to go along.

The Huron on the other hand allowed all the members of the tribe to speak for or against the war, including the Chiefs, all of the Warriors and the women in the tribe. The tribes came to a consensus that they would go to war. When Champlain met the warriors from the tribes that were to join the expedition he asked why their numbers so small and was told that while the Chiefs might have agreed to the War and that while many warriors supported it, this did not mean ALL warriors had to join. They were each FREE not to participate.

Quite a civilized approach if you ask me.


I think the author sums up the sickness in this country very well when she writes, “The mind uprooted from the heart has long escaped accountability.” The disease need not be terminal if “We the People” heed the wisdom of the Original Peoples. They existed here in relative peace for centuries before the Europeans arrived. The sickness runs deep.


The human being is earth that walks
Incan saying


A nice way of putting our deep connection to and, therefore, dependence upon the planet.

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Boycott everything that feeds the dragon.
Boycott the banks, boycott the stock market, boycott the corporations, boycott the government. The head of dragon is money; boycott anything detrimental to a peaceful, sustainable society that feeds on your money.


Thanks for an insightful article. This evening I will watch Brazil, among my favorite dystopian movies. When I first saw it upon release, I saw it as a warning of of coming possible totalitarianism.

Tonight, I will see it and take note of the various totalitarian characteristics that reflect the current reality of this Nation State.

Yes…and then we depend on each other …for what we need. Like …a tribe…or .any small tribes…

One can start at one’s doorstep, sowing and harvesting and arranging with neighbors.

I agree. It’s easy to say the words. Not so much, though, to follow through with action. History shows, from MLK to the kids in the streets the other day, that convictions heartfelt enough can be converted into non-violent action. Thanks for the link. It is past time and hopefully not too late to save the boiling frog.