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Trump's War on Immigrants Is a Catalog of Heartlessness


Trump's War on Immigrants Is a Catalog of Heartlessness

Arnold R. Isaacs

"Make America Cruel Again." That's how journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Shipler has reformulated Donald Trump's trademark slogan. Shipler's version is particularly apt when you think about the president's record over the last two years on refugee resettlement and other humanitarian-related immigration issues.


If there is ever another occasion when a man or woman rises to power, and begins abusing that power in the most destructive, immoral, unethical ways, We the People, must mobilize overnight, to confront and remove the threat, with extreme prejudice if necessary.

The Duopoly parties have shown that their “Democratic” process of removing corrupt politicians from office is too slow and allows the abusive individual to continue their abusive actions.

The two-party system of government the Duopoly conspires to keep intact, his fatally flawed and corrupt, in and of itself.

More political parties are an absolute necessity.


I read this morning in MSM that the people providing lifesaving water in the desert for immigrants were convicted. This is what happens to helpers in this country now. The US has become an inflamed boil on the rest of the world. Trump has worsened it. but it started long before he showed up.