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Trump's War on Science Forces Federal Officials to Consider Polluters' Demands


Trump's War on Science Forces Federal Officials to Consider Polluters' Demands

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Following Elizabeth "Betsy" Southerland's viral resignation letter (pdf), in which the longtime Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official lambasted the Trump administration's troubling deregulatory agenda, she is now sharing details about how the agency's staffers spend their days addressing polluters' demands to rescind environmental regulations.


No one notices amidst all the Trump-la that ultimately, repeatedly and uniformly, US industry puts profits ahead of everything else. Our economic system promotes moral degeneracy and moral degenerates. Trump and his administration are a true exemplars of the people and forces that run the US.


Trump, Pruitt and their cronies are criminals. They are destroying the lives of my children and grandchildren. Make no mistake about this. They are the lowest form of life - entrusted with the sanctity of leading the well being of our nation’s future and instead destroying it - deliberately. If this is not criminal, please tell me what is.

There is NO question about this - even diminishing my own years left on our beautiful little blue marble, our earth. How in God’s name can we, our Congress, our leaders from all sectors - including “BUSINESS” - simply allow and enable these low lifes to destroy rather than enhance the well being of life. For short term money? This is insane.

If this goes on much longer we are indeed heading for the 6th massive extinction in all of life’s 4 billion year history. If this is what brains get us, then any remaining life after we perish will reject the notion of brains. Come to think of it - this is exactly what Trump and his minions are doing - rejecting brains, knowledge, wisdom - for the sake of a few more dollars. The love of money for a few greedy bastards trumps love of families, communities and all life. Lock them up! Now, before it’s too late.


As elroy writes above, this pre-meditated deregulation of “regulatory” agencies and catering to corporate/fossil-fuel industry polluters is a crime! Water is life, and this cretin is putting lives and health in danger! Air quality is critical as is our food supply and what this swine is presiding over puts millions in jeopardy!
His agenda and his supporters is a crime against the people, a crime against the environment and Mother Earth, and all Her creatures and natural systems upon which all life on earth depend!

The ginger pig’s entire regime is a frelling crime against humanity! Goddess, how I loath that pig sonofabitch and all who sail with him!

I will rejoice when he is charged & tried, convicted, and imprisoned for all the evil and filth he has inflicted on so many and so much!

Brava to Elizabeth “Betsy” Southerland! At least there of some with both moral compass and courage!


It is not enough for these cretins to have a death wish but they insist on making it planetary.


Hello elroy, It is not a crime if the criminals write the laws to make criminal activities legal! As to the 6th ELE we are so Forked up that the ELE is inevitable! We are destroying the planet at an eve increasing pace and your children and grandchildren will have a much worse time than you and I have.I don’t see much surviving above the insect level. The good news (from the polluters point of view) is they can go hog wild! The bad new is the price the US and other countries will be forced to pay as the attempts to clean up will become astronomical! The really bad news is that there is no other planet in which we can move to as a species and survive in the near to medium future. Mars what a joke in terms of species survival!!! The advise I should have been given in school when I was a youngster was to go under the desk in case of a nuclear/atomic attack! Much more realistic advise would be to bend over and kiss my ass goodby!!! That’s where we will end up with the things making the decisions based upon how much they can rip off in the least amount of time $$$$$$$$ RULEZ!!!


I understand that there is a movement to remove Trump from office. I understand that that needs to happen. But the article makes no mention about previous problems with enviromental decisions.
He is not dong these things on his own. He has a LOT of help. Bait and switch is not just for words…it’s for people, too. Someone else will continue.
The difference between a country and a business is that when a business fails, you just drop it and move to somemething new. That is what Trump the businessman does, and that is what is ruling the world now.
Countries and their people should not be dropped when something becomes difficult.

Cruise ships are selling trips across the Arctic by the Northwest Passage. Antarctica has had scientists from all countries checking to see what minerals lie under the ice.
How can we properly invest in the future? We must make people realize that our greatest investment needs to be in a healthy environment and its people.


I was in South Florida in first grade during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We practiced going under our desks. I knew enough then to know it was a pretty useless exercise.


Best reason I can think of to throw all these bums out. These evil money grubbers who want to poison you, me and our kids. OUT NOW!