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Trump's War on Science is Grounds to Impeach

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/12/trumps-war-science-grounds-impeach

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Of course it is grounds for impeachment.

The problem is the American People - they are scientifically illiterate, just the same in Canada - in thrall to religious manias - just like the rest of the world - medieval -

Even the Stone Age was better - at least nature had a prominent place.

Chomsky’s ‘Dark Age’ looks perilously close.


misdemeanor (n.)

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Horace and Aristotle have already spoken to us about the virtues of their forefathers and the vices of their own times, and through the centuries, authors have talked the same way. If all this were true, we would be bears today. [Montesquieu]

Just a few terms to keep in mind and to expand on as removal of Trump gets underway from the grass roots of those of us damn sick and tired and done with being patient with the jackasses, I mean injustices…


I find the author correct in his assessment but seriously way too polite and understated. Here is an example of the endangerment we face and it gets very little coverage, WHY?

Hanford: U.S. Energy Department Moves to Abandon Radioactive Waste

The Energy Dept. rewrote their rules going against established Law. This is public endangerment of the worst kind.


Imagine if FDR vehemently, continually denied that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were threats to the world in 1940, and refused to do anything about those threats. What would Congress have done in that case?

Trump and his party deny that the Climate Crisis is an accelerating threat to all life on earth.

Trump, his party, and some Democrats support continued burning of fossil fuels, which further accelerates the Climate Crisis.

Their willful denial and support of further fossil fuel use threatens the security of ALL living things on earth, including U.S. national security.

That is treason.

For that treason, they should ALL be impeached, convicted, and imprisoned for willfully endangering the lives of all people as well as all other living things on earth.

Corporate Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to even begin an impeachment inquiry makes her complicit in this treason.

She and many of her Congressional peers will be long gone when their refusal to face the facts of the Climate Catastrophe results in widespread planetary devastation, but they, and the corporate media, will be heavily responsible for not doing enough.

Our grandchildren will justifiably curse these irresponsible, greedy, willing tools of the Fossil Fools destroying most life on Earth.

But, by then, it will be too late.


“Governments that don’t respect democracy, transparency, and the truth, obstruct scientific research, harass scientists and resort to propaganda terms like “freedom gas” to mask the truth about their agenda.” But what is the all time end game agenda they’re hiding?
While producing armament, warships, squadrons of rude bullies in suits selling out those in uniform. What is their agenda? Only a select few surviving mankind’s worst and for most a final nightmare. Trumpco is sinking the lifeboats.


It seems the most obvious wrongs – things in plain sight – confuse us
the most. Like when does the Supreme Court prove that corporations are

Meanwhile, Trump’s War on Science is to support the lies of corporations –
the guilty and their war on all Nature – animal-life, humanity, natural resources –
and that’s clearly grounds for impeachment.


Some part of the Pentagon is on the side of Global Warming as supreme threat
to the planet – above “terrorism.”

Keep in mind that originally the Pentagon warning included Earthquakes long before
people began to realize that the melting of the glaciers was changing the pressures
on the tectonic plates which would cause earthquakes/tsunamis …

Long after it’s release, “earthquakes” was scrubbed from the report.

And that report was 15 years ago –

Currently, Secretary General of the United Nations has warned that in two years
we could see “runaway Global Warming” … the beginning of the end.


Since you brought up Hanford, I’ll provide the link below. The link is based on a true book (Fateful Harvest) written by Seattle reporter Duff Wilson in the late 1990’s using the information provided by the mayor of a small farming town, Quincy, Washington (the town is about 60 mi. north of Hanford). What was uncovered is incredible, Industrial waste, including waste from Hanford was being spread on farmland to dispose of said waste. The author was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. It’s a scary book, but worth anyone’s time interested in the subject.


I also read during CA. last drought, the states EPA allowed fracking wastewater to be used for irrigation in the states citrus industry. This info was in MSM, so I have no link for it.
I’m bringing this up merely to show that this started way before Trump (though he has expedited it) and has the blessing of both parties.

P.S. Hope you’re hanging in there Ditton.


Amazing story and haven’t looked at the link yet –
Industrial waste from Hanford spread on farmland to dispose of it – (Quincy, Washington)
and fracking wastewater used for “irrigation” in California’s citrus industry – (during drought)

We have to uninvent the dollar bill – it is the cause of all evil.
When people have the money to buy and own other people and our government, it’s much
more than sea shells and trading.

Dollar bills are invented instruments which have only done us harm and harm to the entire planet.

As the Native American has said of capitalism and the dollar bill –
What good is it? You can’t plant it, you can’t eat it.

But it’s surely a way to buy things that are important to all of us and put them under
control of the few rather than the many – things like WATER.



Hi Recon…I’m hangin’ in there sorta thanks. Have you visited my front page lately? My gawd what work :(((

I used to read and post on ENEnews when it was going and there was evidence cited that they are pumping nuke waste down fracking holes and the propane being delivered to homes for heating and cooking is radioactive. The photo evidence was amazing. Geiger counters, the whole works trucks and all. Everything is getting nuke dirty, saw a report about Russia testing small nukes and I visit a site that monitors for nuke weirdness, he can’t explain where all these wacko readings are coming and claims there is some sort of nuke war going on. He has readings posted from all over the globe from monitoring devices that are just plain bizarre. See if you can find “allegedly apparent”, he’s weird, doesn’t like his site linked to but well worth the effort.

Hang in there, it’s going to be a rude ride…G

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Impeach? Sure, but the larger crime is so extreme it must be punishable by ending the perpetrators ability to exist ala Nuremberg…

The issues of climate change, global pollution, mass extinctions, nuclear waste/armaments threats, military and governmental crimes of the most despicable and destructive, like the Hanford catastrophe/crimes, and the daily military frauds and corruption - the annual theft from our civilian nation of trillions by an utterly corrupt and criminal relationship between the Pentagon brass, Congressional players, and arms industry/suppliers! Trillions spent/wasted on armaments for wars that must then be manufactured along the “enemies” to support them, to “justify” the weapons of death and destruction and the theft to produce them. The people in charge, in power, who drive those atrocities and crimes must face justice and that justice must be commensurate with the crimes! Far more than “impeachment” or its other iterations!! Slaps on the wrists of mass murderers!

The old question “what would alien space travelers think” of the actions of humans against other humans, and at this point against our only home - destroying Mother Earth and the garden of Eden - all sacrificed on the alter of worship of Mammon - greed, criminal depravity, and ignorance so extreme the punishment for those who “lead us” and commit those acts must be extreme!

Impeach? A slap on the fuckin wrist for the nearly unimaginable enormity of the crimes committed!


The problem isn’t just the Trump admin. It’s systemic. No leader as ye,t has taken the climate crisis seriously. They continue with Empire and securing resources that have to be left in the ground. I see a collapse, a collapse of industrial capitalism as the only outcome of how things stand these days. And whether humankind survives, or not, depends on concrete actions to mitigate the crisis. Ridding Trump accomplishes nothing. Ridding the system of industrial capitalism and the war machine that supports it is the only real way to survive more than a century, two at best.


Hi Ditton:
I am wondering about thoseEnergy Dept. people, because by poisoning the land and groundwater of their own nation, and the air too----well----that sounds like what terrorists do. Isn’t that what America and Israel did to Iraq with depleted uranium?
Especially awful is infecting the ground water—but then look what happened to Flint— and not much was ever done to make the polluters responsible.
To make a nation’s air, water and land for food source poisonous —sounds like terrorist work to me. We will be a nation of people who died like Napoleon did… sitting in his prison bedroom , while the moldy wallpaper released its arsenic- ( if the room hadn’t been moldy the arsenic wouldn’t have been released!----
The energy department seems to be doing something similar with nuclear by turning Americans into DOA bodies before they have even died.

I totally agree.

The US Defense Department has identified climate change as a national security risk. Here’s part of their press release:

The report finds that climate change is a security risk, Pentagon officials said, because it degrades living conditions, human security and the ability of governments to meet the basic needs of their populations. Communities and states that already are fragile and have limited resources are significantly more vulnerable to disruption and far less likely to respond effectively and be resilient to new challenges, they added.

“The Department of Defense’s primary responsibility is to protect national security interests around the world,” officials said in a news release announcing the report’s submission. “This involves considering all aspects of the global security environment and planning appropriately for potential contingencies and the possibility of unexpected developments both in the near and the longer terms.Blockquote

“It is in this context,” they continued, “that the department must consider the effects of climate change – such as sea level rise, shifting climate zones and more frequent and intense severe weather events – and how these effects could impact national security.” Blockquote

Isn’t it treasonous to ignore and even impede action on something recognized as a national security threat?

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It’s not just the greedy fossil-fuel industry that’s behind Tweetle-Dumb’s war on Science and Truth — Funny-Dementalists like Pence and DeVos, who believe our Mother Earth to be only 5,000 or 6,000 years old and totally under the control of their mythical ‘Gawd’, are also to blame.  Sanity is being at­tacked from both above – by the financial Powers That Be – and below – by the under-educated “de­plorables” whom our ever-declining public schools fail to reach.

At the rate we’re going it won’t be long until another Age of Feudalism will be upon us — or at least upon those few – if any – who survive the disaster we have brought upon ourselves.


The GOP started “this war on science and truth” during the mid 90s when Newt Gingrich’s contract on America included dismantling Congressional advisers who provided Congress with technical information on issues they were dealing with, effectively reassigning that task to corporate and cult lobbyists


Good on IPS, an actual “left-leaning” think tank. If choosing ignorance over knowledge with the Sixth Extinction lapping around the ankles of the 8 billion people and the millions of other species on the planet is not a “high crime,” I want to know what is.

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I can’t confirm the irrigation story, saw it on MSM during the drought, and never saw another story about it, and I was looking for one. But the Quincy story is absolutely true, I wont ruin the story, but the new mayor, Patty Martin, who had grew up in the town, moved to work in Seattle, then moved back, couldn’t believe the rates of rare cancers that were popping up in her little town. That’s what got her to start investigating the cause. She got Wilson involved, and the story started out as a newspaper story, then got so big, Wilson decided to write the book. Anyone interested in safe food needs to read it. The scary part was, the US EPA signed off on it.


Glad to here you’re still kicking. I haven’t seen you’re site for a while, I’ll check it out, and the other link as well. You take it as it comes, as well my friend.

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