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Trump's War on Science is Grounds to Impeach

I know of a large yard with a black iron fence that would hold a lot of the nuclear waste. Another spot in Florida that has 72 holes to put some in.

The problem with that is the mutations that the radiation would cause — the swamp creatures that surround the Pile Of Totally Unclean Shit headquartered there are scary enough already!

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Webster’s dictionary, ‘jackasses’: elected wh0res!

I was at the feed store 2 days ago picking up my monthly supply of peanuts for the squirrels when I noticed an entire line of sauces and spice named various forms of shit – the one that caught my attention was a white bag named ‘sack of shit’; I told the customer behind me that I wanted a case of that to throw at the orangubrat in the People’s House.

Would we even recognize a mutation from there?

There is no reason I can think of the justify what they are doing. It is suppose to save money, what? There isn’t a human alive that doesn’t understand how dangerous this is, so the why is a glaring question. Hate your own people, land and water? WHAT?

O giggle giggle LOL Tanks Man I needed that :)))

Why not? All of our government agencies are owned by corporations –
FDA has long been “Monsanto’s FDA,” for instance.

Trump threw a corporate blanket over all government when he arrived –

Excellent comparison.

See the comment by REDPILLED, above.

Treason is defined in the Constitution, Article III, Section 3. Failure to respond appropriately to climate crisis is not within a literal interpretation, but read that section and make your own interpretation.