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Trump's War With Iran Would Be a Climate Disaster—Why Peace and Climate Justice are the Same Project

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/trumps-war-iran-would-be-climate-disaster-why-peace-and-climate-justice-are-same


So Trump listens to the mouth breather Tucker about international issues. I need a drink. Have you heard that Trump wants to initiate tariffs on whisky imported from Europe? (It’s a tit for a tat in the ongoing Boeing/Airbus kerfuffle.) I guess I’ll have to stock up on single malts before they take place. I swear, there is not one corner of my life left where IQ45 fails to infuriate me. Is nothing sacred?


Climate disaster? Too many to count almost, too few fighting at the necessary level against them.
One of the worst examples is the destruction of the Amazon by the right-wing fool newly elected Bolsonaro, making a desert of the worlds primary “weather engine” responsible for changes in critical patterns all over Latin America and US, as well as the primary carbon sink on the planet.

The two depraved right-wing scum “presidents”, bolsonaro and trump are global criminals. The rest of the worlds leaders and peoples may think they and their nations will escape the consequences, but they will not, and are complicit to the crime by remaining silent in the face of such arrant stupidity, arrogance, and enormity of the destruction of planet Earth…


Unbelievable Owl, no, no corner is safe from stupidity… Make mine Lagavulin, I came to love traveling thru Scotland. Keep the faith!

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Love it, it’s meaty and peaty! And Talisker, and…

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“We should hope that Trump will continue listening to Carlson and people like him”

Huh? I realize that Warren had just said “We owe Tucker Carlson no great debt” blah blah, “sorry state of affairs”…”News Corp hack” blah blah, but I still don’t believe Warren wrote the first statement. Is it not flabbergastingly, painfully obvious Carlson and his ilk are the last people anyone should be listening to, especially a mentally ill morally bankrupt moron like il Ducebag der Gropenführer, who doesn’t have the emotional maturity of a slime mold? Carlson is an arrogant, racist, misogynist, jingoistic, climate-denying asshole and it’s a sign of how utterly perverted our society is that anyone at all pays the slightest bit of attention to him or anyone remotely like him. If our only alternative is for the malignant narcissist leader to listen to the snarling hell hounds like Bolton there is no chance of survival and we should all just give up now.

But I don’t believe that’s true, and Common Dreams owes it to us to provide authors with more sense than to say things like that.

Trump will listen to: Those who have his political fortunes in mind (war with Iran will be politically risky).

Trump will not listen to: Those who warn about the environmental damage caused by a war with Iran.

The reason Bolten & his Domionist ilk are pushing war w Iran is because they want to bring about The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Cracks in the overall logic will occur…to anyone. How can we tell in this instance if or not knowledge of one crack will trickle up? As far as “authors with more sense” go, I would like to see more writers try to define the overall logic. I’ll make a stab at it below.

The military might be the biggest polluter, but It’s not just its pollution that’s the issue. Projected interventions of militaries cause situations that are interpreted as a need for increased projection in the future…situations commonly referred to as blowback. This, of course, constitutes a vicious positive feedback loop that carries along with it concomitant pollution increases.

Almost all these following thoughts were catalyzed in my head [or in my mind, however spread out that is] by Jeremy Scahill’s interview with Srecko Horvat 7/3/19.

Media distract. Media embark people into/along-with…ideologies. Into “mythopoeic” views on either where the world is going, or where the world should go. Into nebulous philosophies that endorse directions in which “progressive” nations are going.

Take the green movement [I will table for the moment an argument that says WHAT should be done regarding Earth’s climate is much more complicated than what “concerned” folks on the whole conceive, needs to be more thought out than has happened, and will involve an amount of sacrifice not remotely imagined by a big segment of even “active” greens] There are greens in Hungary. There are greens in Brazil. Think for a moment about what they’re up against.

“Europeans must put a halt to European companies making billions on arms sales and oil in North Africa and the Middle East. And since these companies are protected and supported by the current leadership in Brussels and all other EU capitals, these will have to go too.” larger context + source I’ll give below

The left is growing in Spain, but, all in all, nationalism-in-Spain translates as “Spain for Spain” and we [we in the government in Madrid] will not oppose selling these missiles we make to Saudi Arabia. These companies are our companies, and our companies…just like individual persons…should be allowed the freedom (in this great nation of OURS) to do what they want to do.

Now back to the US. Media focus on issues too ensnarled to tease apart. How late can an abortion be in which states…and still be allowed? Why gov can or can not afford enough COMPETENT staff to process asylum claims in a timely fashion. What percent of Republicans oppose auto weapons sales without background checks? {49 against vs 49 ok-with] Will “almost free” medicine and “almost free” tuition crash the economy? [That one is easier to break down; you go back to Keynes] But the matter of old NAFTA deals, old drug wars we support, and the old coups we facilitated CAUSING MASS MIGRATIONS isn’t covered by media. And what was the thinking behind these latter things? The thinking was ALLOW gun companies in the US to make money on the guns needed for the “war on drugs” down south. The thinking was ALLOW Israeli advising entities to make money “training” on how to crack down on crime cultures [like the economies down there provide many other means to survive]…same regarding the McKinsey company based in the US.

I found this below this morning in less than 10 minutes using Google (not even Duck), and the way search engines are going…man, was that luck! (I’m more pro DiEM25 than this writer)…

"How do Merkel et al plan to force them to change their ideas? Or, come to think of it, why would they want to? What Europe should be doing, but isn’t, and what a movement like DiEM25 should actively propagate, but isn’t either, is an immediate end to the deliberate creation of utter chaos in Libya, Iraq, Syria. But the European arms industry makes too much money off that chaos.

If that doesn’t stop, immigrants will keep coming. And that can only lead to more chaos in Europe too. It’s not sufficient to say you want immigration to stop. You need to take a stand against the forces that make it happen, starting with the forces in your own countries and societies (this very much includes your governments).

If you don’t focus on the basic conditions that must be fulfilled to ‘save Europe’, you will not save it. Europe is in such a crisis, or crises rather, that talking about programs and ideas from comfortable chairs is no longer a real option. Europe is very much like the orchestra on the Titanic: it keeps playing as if there is no threat ahead. And you have to tell them to stop playing. That’s your job.

Talking about what so and so would like to see by 2025 is a waste of time. But yeah, it’s comfortable, and comforting, to do it with a group of like-minded souls who fool themselves into thinking they’re smart and doing a good job. But the problem is here, now, not in 2025. And if you don’t work to solve it now, today, 2025 won’t look anything like what you have in mind.

Europeans must put a halt to European companies making billions on arms sales and oil in North Africa and the Middle East. And since these companies are protected and supported by the current leadership in Brussels and all other EU capitals, these will have to go too. That should be the focus. All the rest is the orchestra continuing to play." http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article60424.html

free college etc Revealed: Americans Care More About Social Needs Than Deficits

Interview with Srecko Horvat I mentioned two comments up https://theintercept.com/2019/07/03/philosopher-srecko-horvat-on-the-yugoslav-fight-against-fascism-and-the-rising-right-wing-political-forces-in-europe/

Alright, not technically the “biggest.”