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Trump's Wasteful Military Venture


Trump's Wasteful Military Venture

Anthony Pahnke

The media frenzy surrounding Trump’s political posturing about his wall during the latest government shutdown should not distract us from the fact that 5,000 active duty soldiers remain stationed at the border. This deployment is wasteful, not only of taxpayer dollars, but of potential, valuable experiences that the working people who are our troops could be receiving.


With an impetus towards ever more Militarism and with neither of the main Political parties in the USA advocating for a much more reasonable Military , the desire for poor people to join the Military goes up. The financial security it offers as compared to the types of jobs that are available to this people along with the costs of a higher education and health care , means there fewer options then joining the military.

This is exactly how third world Banana Republics work.

If you want another reason as to why the Republicans and Corporate Democrats opposed to things like free higher level education , universal health care, higher minimum wages and the like , I would suggest that being opposed to all of those things is one of the best recruitment tools the US Military has.

Sending troops to the US border is not where the waste starts. The waste starts with having a 1 trillion dollar a year military in the first place.

Military experience should NOT be about gaining the skills needed for a life after the military. This is crap. All of those things should be happening outside the Military and things like better educational opportunities and access to health care should NOT require joining the Military to obtain. When you use the Miltary as a vehicle for this you entrench Militarism and you are lead to Fascism. The Military is about killing people and destroying things. Trying to turn it into a social service does not change that and is just trying to put lipstick on a pig and in the USA there no bigger pig then the US Military.

This one of the most ass backwards articles I have read here.


Even more wasteful bolstering of forces on the US/Canadian border since 2001 has increased US Border Patrol forces tenfold on the northern border. There are small towns along the border where the border patrol campus is as big as the rest of the town in which tit is located.

I asked one of the Border Patrol agents what they actually do. He said that after they put their time in on the Mexican border they get to run out their years of service clock on the Canadian border riding horses and ATVs during summer and snowmobiles in the winter.

To their credit, they HAVE kept Canadian single payer medical insurance from invading from the north.


While this vice-president of a family farm organization rightly points out the class nature of the imperial U.S. military, he continues to extoll the virtues of “the troops” who VOLUNTEERED. He also miss the very key fact that if you look beyond the U.S. borders, it is U.S. imperial policy - enforced by the military - that has driven the refugees from the Americas OFF THEIR FAMILY FARMS.

This “progressive” disconnect about others (primarily a function of imperial white supremacy) cannot yield positive results or progress. “American Exceptionalism” and progressivism are irreconcilable contradictions.


Let’s hope that at least a few of these soldiers learn from this sham whom they truly serve.


The reality is military personnel work for their country and family. Unfortunately, current operations contribute nothing to their training other than stroking presidential vanity and political ambition.

(can’t quote that, too close, too much common sense, common dreams…)