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Trump's White House to Dems' Oversight Requests: Fat Chance


Trump's White House to Dems' Oversight Requests: Fat Chance

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amid ongoing questions regarding the Trump administration's ethics, Politico reports Friday that the White House is shielding the president by rejecting Democrats' oversight inquiries.


Autocratic isn't he? Trump doesn't like having to answer to anyone. The problem is that we didn't elect him Boss of America! We elected him first employee and he doesn't like democracy anyway.


The Repubs are doing everything they can shield their Buffoon-in-Chief from attacks, but sooner or later they will have to admit that he is not worth protecting and they will let him fall on his sword.


Pretty scary. As Michael Moore warned the angry voting for Trump (or, in some closely contested states, not for Hillary) in "Trumpland" shortly before the election, "Congratulations America you've just elected the last president of the United States."

For all her faults, and for as much as Hillary Clinton is rabidly and fanatically hated here, at least she was a politician with a record of respecting elections - and even changing her position in response to popular pressure - not an aspiring dictator.

Time for me to hunker down again....


This is exactly what I've been concerned about. Now that a tiny minority has managed to elect their right wing despot, Hillary's and Democrat's fascism-light warmongering and corporate subservience will look positively progressive by comparison. The rallying cry will be "No matter how bad Democrats are, they will never be as bad as Trump. At least, not yet."


Yeah. He 'our' employee. He works for 'us.'

Guess we're just going to have to Crack that Whip.


Yes, Hillary and her group are kind of like the "lite" version of Trump. Both are destructive to the best interests of the American people - one is just faster and the other slower.


Yes, and that effect was one of the important reasons to strategically vote for Hillary in contested states so a Trump election was prevented. Under a Democrat regime, the only direction possible for activism would have been forward from there (it was up us to organize during the 8 years of Obama and we failed miserably - but at least things did not get worse from the Bush years, and domestically at least, some things got incrementally better). Now the best possible outcome is a partial return to the unsatisfactory status quo.

I petitioned, canvassed and voted for Nader or the Green presidential candidate from 1996 until 2016. The differences between Obama and McCain or Obama and Romney really were insignificant from a street-organizing or Green Party perspective. But this time the situation was totally different - we were dealing with a candidate who is a dictator-in-waiting who openly stated that he would choose to respect the outcome of an election or not - versus one who would unconditionally respect the outcome of an election. I continue to be amazed at all those on the left who could not and maybe still can't see that 2016 was a totally different, emergency situation and Trump simply had to be stopped. In Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, that meant having to vote for Hillary.


2020 will also be a "totally emergency situation" and 2024 and '28 and on and on. There will always be another terrible Republican to stop in his tracks by voting for a more and more right wing ( but not as bad as a Republican!) Democrat. Democrats right now govern to the right of Reagan on all the issues that count, but where we had to oppose Reagan, we have to support Democrats who are worse. The whole country is insane.


My guess is that Bannon and little Steven Miller's hands are all over this blocking of oversight requests.
Probably the saltine AG as well...


Worldwide community can help rid us all of this fraudulently selected wannabe potus loser with Economic Sanctions against us and his businesses: DO NO BUSINESS WITH US and TRUMP.


I agree. Even after the horrible 2016 elections the DINO party sees no need to change or reach out to the young, independents and progressives. I am sure that in 2018 and 2020 they will be trotting out more "lesser of two evils"
manure instead of giving us a real choice.