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Trump's Withdrawal Plans Are a Mess, But Poll Shows Americans Ready to Bring Troops Home


Trump's Withdrawal Plans Are a Mess, But Poll Shows Americans Ready to Bring Troops Home

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While President Donald Trump is by no means an anti-war president, new polling shows that the American people are ready to see significant numbers of U.S. troops come home from foreign war zones that have existed for years, if not decades.


The American people should never have supported these wars in the first place and it a fact that a good many of them did.

Yes millions marched to try and prevent these war crimes , but just as many stayed home waving those flags or tuning in to CNN to Oooo and ahhhh over shock and awe.

Until polls show ZERO support for these wars both before, during and after polls that show Americans willing to bring the troops home after only 15 years of waging one is not really a good reflection on those people who supported it in the first place.

Anti-war sentiment should not go up just because the war is costing too much money or your side is losing. Anti-war sentiment should be at these high levels and higher before these wars even start.


Obama defeated Al Queda.
Trump defeated ISIS.

Get over it!


LOL, good one!!


From the article:
“Although support for an immediate withdrawal of the more than 2,000 troops in Syria is a bit lower, a plurality of 48 percent back that plan—again, based on what they understand about it—versus the 35 percent who oppose it.”

So 48% back a plan to get out of Syria. I bet the number is higher but whatever…

It is not a matter of numbers but influence. DJT says we are out of Syria but Bolton and other Neocons say no way. Who do you think will win…?

" The oil reserve discovered in the Golan Heights is estimated to contain “billions of barrels” of crude oil that could turn Israel – which currently imports the vast majority of its fuel – into a net oil exporter. Yet, because the Golan Heights are internationally recognized as being under occupation and not an official part of Israel, the commercial extraction and export of this vast oil reserve cannot move forward — until this status changes.

As a result, only exploratory wells have been drilled, mostly by a division of Genie Energy Co., a U.S.-based oil company connected to Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild, Dick Cheney and former CIA Director James Woolsey, among other powerful individuals in the U.S. and the U.K. The involvement of such influential figures in future oil extraction endeavors in the Golan Heights – dependent as they are on Israel acquiring sovereignty over the territory — likely explains why the U.S., as well as the U.K., has been so willing to help initiate and then perpetuate the Syrian conflict, which is soon to enter its eighth year." https://www.globalresearch.ca/with-golan-at-stake-netanyahu-bolton-set-trump-straight-on-us-syria-withdrawal-plan/5665086

This is why Syria withdrawal will not happen no matter what Americans want.


BS. Iran, Russia and Syria defeated ISIS!
Al Qaida is still doing well in Afghanistan, unfortunately. Taliban is in full force!


All of the victims of Building 7 should be thanking President Obama for burying Osama Bin Laden’s dead corpse at sea.


What that statistic tells me is that the 33%, in this poll, have to be some of the most naive, ignorant and brainwashed people in America!


Please go back to sleep.


Yea, a massive false flag event will do that to people.


Not to all of us.


You mean like 9/11?


It’s almost the living end. When Bolton and Pompeo, of all people, try to negotiate something sane, and a NATO president (a tyrant) is offended, angry…and tells’em to go jump.

The problem with Bolton and Pompeo, though, is that Erdogan (and everyone else) know’s they want to keep bases…for what, strikes against Assad himself they’ll never admit to folks back home they’re doing? And then of course to keep a presence close to where that nutso- Iran-crusade-they-will-not-give-up-on is to take place?

We’re either gonna be ruled by a racist fascist, or a national security establishment that aims to fly into a black hole hoping they’ll pop out a white one…to something better???

From “Win Without War” 12/19/18 - “Congress must connect the dots between Trump’s web of foreign ties and questionable deals with a growing axis of authoritarian dictators.” [emphasis mine]

Regarding this article below, I DON’T ENDORSE the wording “NATO’s support for the growth of ISIS.” I’m not a truther on this. I do not believe it was deliberate, but rather that the ill conceived hunt for “moderates” inadvertently leaked weapons to ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda cousins. The wording from Elijah Magnier was too sparse, and lends itself to an either/or interpretation.


Like Caitlin Johnstone said, “I’ll be the first to cheer if US military involvement in Syria does end, but I’m not getting my hopes up.”


US involvement will end. Assad and the Russians have stated that they will take back all of Syria. I believe that means the Golan heights as well as all eastern Syria. Since the Russians got on board day by day Syria has regained the country. Sooner or later that means Americans will die in Syria or run for the border with tail between legs. I assume Trump does not want that on his record. Bolton and Pompeo do not give a shit about American troops.

Since the end of the second world war America has not won a war it has started. What makes you think, in this case, the USA will win?


Americans been duped about our foreign policy for a century, maybe more. Rah! Rah! Military Industrial Complex but most Americans only think of troops defeating Nazi’s, yellow Communism, Russia/China Communism. We’ve been programmed to think we are exceptional as military and special forces protect our multi national corporations in order for them to steal the resources of other nations. If these nations don’t comply, CIA and Mafia take over these countries and depose of those leaders that threaten these corporate interests. I could not talk to most of my life long friends this way as they would think I have a screw loose.


I know what you mean. It is hard to have a conversation about almost anything these days because of the many layers of propaganda and misinformation that most people are subjected to.


I sort of don’t understand why Johnstone doesn’t get into it a little deeper. Johnstone does get (I believe), though, the power of narrative. Seems obvious to me Bolton and Pompeo must “demonstrate” (narrative) concern for our troups, and Kurds. I wonder if when they (not Trump) talked serious talk (to Syria) about abandoning our bases/positions…that would really speed up a Syria/Kurd pact.

Helps to remember SA, Israel, and our neocons keep holding on to the Iran crusade idea. The justification is the land corridor…Iran support through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. But these dangers are nothing in Syrian and Russian minds compared to 1)America resuming its agenda, and 2) the campaign-to-keep-Iran-from-developing.

no, it’s not off topic

"The Kurds are no longer willing to follow the U.S. lead.

'Mr. Jeffrey has asked Gen. Mazloum Abdi, the Kurdish commander of Syrian fighters, to hold off on making any deals with President Bashar al-Assad’s government while the Trump administration tries to develop its strategy.

‘F*ck you,’ said General Abdi, as the Kurds continue to negotiate:

'Syrian Kurdish leaders aim to secure a Russian-mediated political deal with President Bashar Assad’s government regardless of U.S. plans to withdraw from their region, a senior Kurdish official told Reuters.

‘The Kurdish-led administration that runs much of northern Syria presented a road map for an agreement with Assad during recent meetings in Russia and is awaiting Moscow’s response, Badran Jia Kurd, who attended, said.’ "
1/5 https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/01/syria-turkey-fails-in-idleb-is-unwilling-to-take-the-northeast.html

IOW, perceived-narrative-wise, they might give a crap?


Funny that the withdrawal plans changed after Bolton met with Netanyahu.


Not going to say that the ME is not a mess. The Kurds are in fact done with the USA as the US has screwed them over since the invasion of Iraq. It was the US that told the Kurds to put women in uniform and give them a gun as it would play well in the Kurds attempt to form a home land in Iraq. They moved into Mosul and got to feel domestic for a little bit but the US allowed the Iraqis to storm and destroy Mosul.

The Kurds were thrown out of Turkey for trying to have a homeland there. The Kurds have no place to go if not Syria.

Thanks for the link to the China story on reaching the moon. As a Chinese buff I enjoyed very much the Chinese moon landing. I found it wonderful that they named parts of the project from their own myth structure. Chang’e 4, the jade rabbit and the Magpie Bridge. Sadly because of our actions as a nation we are slipping behind both Russia and China and all our politicians can do is bitch and threaten those nations that are passing us by. So there was no news or not much about what the Chinese are doing.