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#TrumpToo: Amid Reckoning, Calls to Hold President Accountable Swell


#TrumpToo: Amid Reckoning, Calls to Hold President Accountable Swell

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Donald Trump has so far escaped the scrutiny of sexual assualt allegations levied at him that has come to other high profile figures. "That has to change now."


In no way do I mean to make light of sexual predation, but—given Twitler’s nuclear brinkmanship, his violations of the emoluments clause, his ignorant meddling in policy vis-a-vis the Middle East, and his collusion with Russian oligarchs, among numerous other outrages—doesn’t it seem strange that only his private misbehaviors are a sufficient disqualifier? What does that say about the state of American politics?


If this will take him down sooner than later, then keep the movement going! I agree that there are so many other more horrific actions by DJT that hurt ALL LIFE that warrant his expulsion and imprisonment. His insanity should be enough to move the sycophantic GOP-controlled congress to stop the madness.


How did the Germans end up with Hitler and slaughter millions of Jewish people.? How did the world end up with such political criminals as Mussolini and Stalin? What flaws in our democratic electoral process elect Trump? Johnson, Stein and other accounted for 10.6 million more votes, yet we ended up with Trump. Is there a fix? Should there be at least a 50% THRESHOLD?


We, the electorate, are looked on as too stupid to understand anything else. I have several degrees and can’t remember having a class in the constitution, maybe they are right? I voted for Nixon twice. His crimes seem minuscule compared, and he was intelligent enough to back away from a nuclear war with China, although he had gone to Defcon 1 in his dark days. This guy is marching us into a nuclear winter. I wonder what the cockroaches are going to write about this moment? What is this lynch mob about DOM’S? Isn’t that a Dr. weird Phil issue?


Time for the “#you’re next” hashtag!


How many times do we have to say this: Donald J. Trump is unfit to serve.