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'Trustworthy' Trump? Plagued by Email Controversy, Clinton's Lead Plummets


'Trustworthy' Trump? Plagued by Email Controversy, Clinton's Lead Plummets

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The race between the two presidential frontrunners remains too close to call in the final stretch leading to the two major party conventions, as new polling shows that Donald Trump has overtaken Hillary Clinton in key battleground states while her national lead has shrunk to just three points.


Hillary Clinton is the walking dead. She has effectively been indicted by the FBI's investigative report, having been exposed as a blatant liar regarding both what she did with her private server while working as Secretary of State, and more importantly, why she did it -- which clearly was to hide her money-grubbing activities, selling her office to the highest bidders both at home and abroad, from the press and public by keeping them unavailable to Freedom of Information Act requests.

If she is allowed to get the nomination, and if she continues to run, a Trump presidency will be on her head and the heads of the Democratic National Committee Pooh-bahs who engineered her "victory" in the primaries.

Sanders was a fool to endorse her, and not to call her out for being a congenital liar and greedhead.

Dave LIndorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


It's not surprising to see Trump leading the war criminal in polling. In a country with free and open media, HRC would be completely unelectable, and may be anyway, even with the majority of the propaganda organs on her side.

It's a pity that the Democrats couldn't have found a candidate like Bernie Sanders who is honest, trusted, popular, and clearly intends to serve the broad masses of the people, the 99%.

This kind of non-choice between Trump, Clinton and Stein is what happens when democracy has been effectively eviscerated by a tiny clique of self-serving individuals like Obama and the war criminal Clinton.


Might want to check out the swing state numbers at RCP before you write her off quite yet..... Trump is leading in only 3, all by 0.2%.... HRC dominates in all of the rest..... nice cherry picking the data though.


She doesn't have to rig it..... she's up by 13 in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll.

If she did have that kind of 'rigging' power, why did she lose to Obama in 2008?


Answer: Like Raygun and Bill Clinton, Obama is such a smooth talker that he you will buy yesterday's newspaper from him for more than you would pay to buy today's newspaper.

Obama was also no threat to Wall Street and created an insurmountable gap in the primary.


Hey Bolan,

Why is Clinton such a horrible candidate?

Why did the DNC commit to such a horrible candidate?

How is the disastrous buffoon Trump leading Clinton in any poll anywhere?

Why are you working to promote such a horrible candidate?


There's something significant that no commentator mentioned yet.

Remember the polls that showed that Sanders WOULD win against Trump by more percentage points than would Mrs. Clinton?

Some people in this forum wrote about what this meant. Essentially, that the Establishment (DLC) Democrats would be backing the candidate more APT to lose to Trump rather than the one with winning numbers.

As many here also understood, the elites would rather play ball with Trump (another card-carrying member of the 1%) than Sanders if they couldn't get their favorite female water-carrier (for the Arms Industries, Big Banks, and Corporate Plunderers) into the Oval Office.

The current poll numbers only reinforce what was notable all along.

On a funnier note, looks like LRX's gig is up... now that Mrs. Clinton is all but granted the coronation.


The choice for the Democratic nominee is now solely in the hands of the super delegates and they will undoubtedly select Hillary Clinton even though she is the most hated candidate in history (followed closely by Donald Trump).
Face it. This election has been rigged from Day One by the DLC.
The Democratic Party has no one to blame but themselves for their loss this coming November.
I am voting Jill Stein because I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils (and it is looking like Donald Trump, as bad as he is, is less evil than Hillary.)


Even if Clinton was already in prison she will be nominated because her base would just say her conviction was political,,,there is nothing she could do to drive her base in any other direction...they are 100% faith based and 0% evidence based. Perhaps they are descendents of the colonists who wanted to stay with Britain and/or have a monarchy after Cornwallis surrendered to Washington ?


Can we imagine an alternate reality, in which Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson were to engage in six televised debates?

What would these numbers look like after that?

"Rigging" an election takes multiple, synergistic forms.


If Trump really wants to keep this trend going he should just keep doing what he's doing: sniping at her corruption and lack of trustworthiness while she sinks lower and lower and lower in the polls.

Still do not believe the oligarchy has any intent of permitting their dutiful War Witch to actually lose, even if she gets only a few thousand votes from neocons, oligarchs, bankers, and defense company shareholders on Election Day.


Eastern Ohio will go solidly red in November, along with the rest of the tri-state area of the upper Ohio valley - eastern Ohio, southwestern Pennsylvania, and northern West Virginia. There is not a politician of the duopoly here of any stripe that speaks for the environment - local, state, or national. Many TV ads already about the "war on coal" and Democrats trying to destroy "our" way of life. The D hacks fall all over themselves saying what great and steadfast friends of coal they are, and shalegas, or any carpet bagging multinational investment juggernaut that promises to build anything.

Federal Ohio Sen Portman (R) is up for re-election and the D's are running the incompetent Ted Strickland again. Portman's promising us he's all about coal. You have to be a climate change denialist to do that, right? Gobs of energy co.'s, Koch-like, Alec, and CoC money will be spent here to elect dirty energy politicians. When your locale is next inundated by a massive deluge you'll know where to look to vent your anger. Who knows, could be Pittsburgh.

Just remembered a line from Firesign Theatre's We're All Bozos On This Bus: Why does the porridge bird lay its eggs in the air? Dunno, maybe the image of chickens coming home to roost made me think of that.


Not to mention that Trump has promised to "return the steel industry to Pittsburgh" despite Pittsburgh having made extraordinary efforts to escape the steel industry and reinvent itself.

The showdown between Trump the Wizard of Oz and Clinton the wicked witch of the west should be very humorous despite the results being tragic irrespective of who wins.


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Bernie's endorsement should turn things around and get Clinton back to a leading position in those swing states. For the past 25 years the Clintons have been attacked from the right because they were viewed as being the main obstacle to moving the country in a much more conservative direction. More recently, and especially by the Sander's campaign the Clintons have been attacked from the left because they were seen as being the main obstacle to moving the country in a more progressive direction. But with Sanders joining the Clinton campaign the attacks from the left should cease, at least in the mainstream media. And instead, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the two most well-known progressives, will be praising Clinton and saving their attacks for Donald Trump. I think Trumps only chance of winning is getting enough white people to vote against Clinton because they feel she represents the interests of blacks. For the most part whites refuse to pour money into poor black neighborhoods to try to improve these neighborhoods. Instead they are relying on the police to protect them from blacks. Trump saying he is the law and order candidate as Nixon proclaimed could win if he can convince enough white people that he can protect them from blacks as well as Mexicans and Muslims. Much of the white population is scared and may prefer an authoritarian government, particularly as Trump engages in fear mongering to get votes.


Trump can go to hell, and we can help send his proto-fascist movement there with him. Seattle City Council Woman Kshama Sawant knows exactly what needs to be done now that Bernie has bent the knee to oligarchy:


Lrx IS propaganda.


"Effectively been indicted". How does that compare to "presumptive nominee"? The trump cheering section continues.


YES -- We knew this was going to happen which is why we were pushing for BERNIE!! Dang it all -- stupid Democrats. They reap what they sow. We told them they'd lose if they chose the Ice Demoness.