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Truth In Labeling—It's Our Right to Know What's in Our Food


Truth In Labeling—It's Our Right to Know What's in Our Food

Jim Goodman

Last month, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1599, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015. A gross misnomer, of course, since the bill's real purpose is to preempt the rights of state and local governments to pass laws requiring the mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to overturn GMO labeling laws already in place in several states, and to prevent the passage of any federal mandatory GMO labeling law in the future.


Our 546 Exe., Leg. & Jud. SERVANTS each need to observe a 6-in self-contained glass ecosystem for a year. If they can’t figure it out, it should be rectally implanted in them for motivation.


This is the whole story of this debacle against nature, human beings, the water tables, and all living forms:



Give consumers a choice between GMO and non-GMO products?

Everyone knows Republicans aren’t pro-Choice - except when it comes to buying guns. They want you to have lots of choices there.


Bernie should propose a law that requires all political candidates to disclose their big donors. Then we could make informed choices about our votes.

I hope Lawrence Lessig runs if only to steer the other candidates in the direct democratic direction.


and soon, those countries may not even have that, if Monsanto can sue for “loss of profits” under the TPP and its ilk.


Democrats have also widely ignored the GMO labeling issue at best and in many cases come out with both guns firing to promote GMOs. In June 2014 at a GMO cartel conference in San Diego Hillary Clinton told the audience that they needed to put a new spin on GMOs so young voters will start embracing them rather than demanding accountability.

Clinton must be referring to the young voters whose support she needs if she is to win the nomination in 2016.


In addition to spraying herbicides on grains prior to harvest potatoes are also sprayed prior to harvest to kill the foliage in order to make it easier to harvest them.


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I wasn’t aware of Hillary’s position. It figures.

Thanks for letting me know.


Until we ban the revolving door policy of corporate wackos and government shills running back and forth between writing their own laws and taking huge amounts of payoffs we will continue to be the guinea pigs for their greed. The corruption of our government is so absolute that anyone running for office is compromised before they even step foot in the hallowed halls of Congress. The lobbyists, not the elected official,s are the ones running the show, the elected politicians on the take just pass the laws that are written for them. As our justice system has been corrupted to the point of no return and have taken Democracy to the Devil in their quest for Greed and Power we no longer have three branches of government, simply one big Hell Hole that functions no longer for the People, but for the self-anointed Plutocracy.


Such good points. GMOs entered the market by one of the classic examples of the revolving door, during the Bill Clinton administration, when a Monsanto lawyer (Michael Taylor) went to work at the FDA. He wrote the “substantial equivalence” sophistry that has been used ever since to “justify” the refusal to label. It’s perfect lawyerly bullshit: GMOs are different enough to patent, but not different enough label. After dumping that load, Taylor went back to the law firm that worked for Monsanto.


Bernie Sanders is the only major presidential candidate that supports labeling of GMOs. He has a proven track record of supporting such legislation. He does not accept corporate money and is beholden to no one but the people. #BernieSanders20
16 #FeelTheBern


Yes, there should be labeling laws, absolutely, but in the meantime…JUST DON"T BUY ANYTHING THAT IS NOT LABELED!

GROW it yourself
Buy at HEALTH FOOD stores
INSIST that your local supermarket carry NON-GMO labeled foods.



Wow! Just watched this. Heartbreaking. Even if you’re familiar with much of this already, the extent of the ill-will, the mendacity, and the harm is almost unbearable.
Thank you for posting it.