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'Truths Not Tweets': Protesters Greet Trump at Boeing Plant


'Truths Not Tweets': Protesters Greet Trump at Boeing Plant

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump was met with peaceful protesters in North Charleston, South Carolina on Friday as he gave a speech at a Boeing plant in his first visit to the state since winning its Republican presidential primary last year.

Members of Indivisible Charleston, a local resistance group, rallied at the North Charleston Coliseum near the plant, which produces the massive Dreamliner aircraft.


The demented dullard in chief had to go and gloat at the Boeing plant where the workers just voted against unionizing. He had to pat the backs of the executives and managers for their successful terrorizing, threatening and propagandizing of the workers who essentially voted against their very own well-being, OJT safety, retirement, health insurance, and job security. Not unlike the ignorant hard core t-dump K-K-Klan.

Great job, great job, fantastic....pointing finger...wonderful...SOS.


It would make a great story, to find out what kind of promises or threats were made to the workers at the Boeing plant in regards to why union representation would be bad, really bad, if workers would have voted in a union.

It's already a fact that union workers in non RTW States will have more income and benefits over a lifetime than those in similar non-union employment, or even by union workers in RTW States.

Most certainly, a represented union worker will have much more dignity than one who has no solidarity in the workplace.


Non union workers in right to starve (RTS) states also have lower wages and benefits than non union workers in non RTS states.

Recall JFK saying "a rising tide raises all boats" ?

Obviously the many voters afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome who vote for RTS candidates in SC and other states don't.


Protesters hounded Lyndon Johnson every time he left the White House and was one of the major reasons he decided not to seek a second term. The same thing needs to be done to the Orange Julius Caesar.


F-OFF to Boeing as well, as they screwed Washington state union members, and the people of Washington as well. Watch out world on that Dreamliner, for Boeing decided to build planes in South Carolina using people who never built a plane in their lives.


He was not elected by the will of the people. The Electoral College, the white man's great ace in the hole, elected him. He has no mandate and he clearly doesn't have the support of people. Let the "wild" mobs continue their PATRIOTIC DUTY!


The Trump family was flying from New York to Washington when Donald looked down on the cities below and said, "I think I'll throw a $1000 bill out of the window and make some American happy." Melania said, "Oh, Honey, why not throw ten $100 bills out and make ten Americans happy ?" Then Ivanka said, "Better yet, Daddy, throw 100 ten dollar bills out and make 100 people happy?" to which the pilot dsaid, "Why don't you all jump out of the window and make the whole damn country happy ?"


This was meant as a reply to Joboost


Kudos to the Allegro Coffee company for working out a deal with the United Farm Workers to sell Fair Trade certified coffee and provide for a living wage for its farmworkers in a collaborative environmentally friendly workplace. I support Fair Trade - not the "free" trade of selling bombers to other countries that they are "free" to use in war.


You are correct on many aspects,. Even so. The current elected president has chosen to deny the reality of all humanity attempting to understand the world using science. You may wish to believe that billionaires are smarter than you because they can make more money. And you may deny that liberals are just a media mirage that also held office during half the time since 1945; the period during which America killed 20 million people. You may deny the facts of America destroying democracies and the environment world-wide whether democrats or republicans are in the white house. All these things are your right to deny.

There are other realities of this particular president which are disturbing people world-wide. He is appointing people to do things that only monsters at war with humanity and Earth would do. Only a real billionaire Scrooge would deprive poor children of assistance to internet access and begin limiting all US citizens to internet access. This policy is a US mirror policy of the restricted diet policy of India that produces people with reduced mental capacity from inadequate diet and supplies low cost labor to the billionaire class. Many people see through millionaire pirates wearing fancy clothes and living in golden splendor be they democrat or republican.

The current president is out front and honest about who he is and what he represents. Now people are waking up to what rich people have been doing to them for a long time.


Oh My! Laugh out koud funny. Thanks


Of I could like iT twice, I would.


If I could like it twice, I would.


I'll just add to the list of the Orangeman monikers this,
herr T w i t l e r.
Boeing needs to pay enough to attract
and keep reliable, healthy employees.
Convair had an employee rumor mill club,
which says something about big industry character.
Boeing 787 has as efficient engines as their ever gonna get.
Still poisoning the atmosphere for mostly luxury or business/vacation travel.
Airbus new 'huge' plane design is the wrong direction,
thus, the Boeing 787 is the better deal.
God, I despise and fear him. Impeachment by 2018, if not sooner.
Pense, depending on how much he gets done, wouldn't win in 2020.


joboost says: "There us a Government. Give it a chance!
And if you don't like it, come back in 4 years!"

People are now seeing that the "Best President Ever," is on a mission to change our way of life forever, and likely not just for the U. S., certainly not for the average American. One can only wonder how their lives will have changed in four years after seeing how this man has begun assembling a collection of his 1% buddies to administer his views. It's already looking like four months may be too long.

If a doctor tells you that you have a disease that he can cure if he holds your head under water for four minutes, would you go along with his suggestion? Maybe you might survive and be cured, but if you have any intelligence, you'd not allow that to happen.

Trump is doing the same thing to us, with his prescription to cure alleged problems and "Make America Great Again" promises. So far, what I've seen from his actions, we all need to become proactive to stop the dismantling of what's left of what's been good for America.


The 787 has efficient new engines and light weight. Airbus OTOH
went 'huge' 600 passenger monsters. Not that I love Boeing, most
air travel is luxury or fake business/vacation with rental car,
pricey hotels and food. Tourism like we do today is coming to an end.


As one airplane industry expert stated, Boeing is building planes with Walmart workers in South Carolina, ( no offense to people who work at Walmart). There is no room for mistakes on the building of a commercial jet airliner. Bad machinist work will show up at 30,000 feet. By the way, the machinist union in Washington state is one union Boeing screwed.


Transportation planning in Seattle gets into a mindset that won't accept criticism. Their next big highway and big transit projects will fail as usual. They spend more time on studies that become mountains of paper and show up at public viewings with PR glad handlers and dazzling little to show.
I'm really not into solidarity with transportation-industry interest unions.
South Carolina worker standard of living probably includes big new trucks.


There is some intelligent life in South Carolina. Hey, Stephen Colbert is a native Palm state homie.