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'Trying to Cover His Tracks'? Trump Reportedly Ordered Coronavirus Talks Classified

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/11/trying-cover-his-tracks-trump-reportedly-ordered-coronavirus-talks-classified

All markings of a ridiculous coup.
Watch for it, watch for it, hmmm.


As I said when trump was elected…" America has elected Nero as president"


This is not going to end well

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Just wondering if Nero was a self centered narcissist, lying bastard.


I think so

The artificial, deliberate scarcity of tests, engineered by Orangeman, amounts to a crime against humanity. Leave the outbreak alone at the beginning for long enough, now you got yourself endemic coronavirus, courtesy of Orangeman – too modest to take credit by declassifying the proceedings.


Why is this man so insane? This kind of bizarro world opposite of normal decision is inexplicable. Where are the sane Republicans that might rein in this utter fool? When a fire is raging one doesn’t make the location of fire extinguishers classified.

Rod Serling… it turns out that you weren’t exaggerating. This absurdity is Twilight Zone stuff… except that if we saw this in a movie plot we’d all say that it was going too far and it wasn’t believable.


I am wondering about the mid January timeline in this write up.

Some of the ideas are zany, like " it is confidential because it is China."

And just why would health experts not have basic security clearances?
Heck, university health science relies on federal government funding.


Nero’s rule is usually associated with tyranny and extravagance. Roman people thought him compulsive and corrupt. Suetonius tells that many Romans believed that the Great Fire of Rome was instigated by Nero to clear the way for his planned palatial complex, the Domus Aurea. According to Tacitus he was said to have seized Christians as scapegoats for the fire and burned them alive, seemingly motivated not by public justice but by personal cruelty.

In 68 AD, the Gallic and Spanish legions, along with the Praetorian Guards, rose against Nero and he fled Rome. The senate declared him a public enemy and he committed suicide on 9 June 68 AD. Oh, that we had such a Senate…

…evidence of his popularity among the Roman commoners, especially in the eastern provinces of the Empire, where a popular legend arose that Nero had not died and would return. At least three leaders of short-lived, failed rebellions presented themselves as “Nero reborn]” to enlist popular support.


That satisfies my curiosity ponylady. Thanks for those insights.

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Awww… pony lady… I feel so well acknowledged… Ponyboy in the background has some other monikers to add…I won’t repeat them here…


Speaking of Nero … did anyone see this from the other day:

It has also been said that Nero was the first of 3 anti- christ

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Is tRump making coronavirus talks classified so he can hide whether he has COVID-19?

That’s what he’s done his whole life. He’s a criminal.

Ponyboy and I are calling this latest bioweapons leak: Captain Trumps. It’s the only way we use #45’s name at all…

Did you see Robert O’Brien of the National Security Council this a.m. spend four minutes repeating the mantra: “This is a Chinese virus.” That proves to me, No it’s not. It’s amalgamated NC, Canada, HIV virus.

Bullshit, Look at how republicans talked shit about Obama and the Ebola outbreak.
You act like the news media is controlled by some nebulous “liberals” out to get you.
Fact is, media outlets are owned by conservatives. So, basically, you’re lying.
rump is not prescient. He’s a bumbling, greedy, self-serving fool.

You really are both silly and disrespectful of the very concept of truth. You evidently believe that by making something sound like it is correct then that is the same thing as it being correct. In addition, you must think that by saying several untruths many times over and in slightly different ways that that is enough to convince people that what you have been saying is the truth.

Both of these inherently deceitful techniques only work when the other person is not aware of what the truth is already. Why you thought that I would be receptive to your deceptive invective is not very perceptive of you. Moreover, please look up the meaning of the word brevity. While I realize the need for lengthy responses to complex issues at times, length for length’s sake alone is ridiculous. One needs perforce to be interesting as well when stating a tome’s worth of misinformation for disinformation purposes, for your information. Oh lucky me, did you think? Sigh! I got through about half… alright a third but it was obvious by then that even people who agree with you undoubtably find you boring. May I say stunningly so? In that sense you do achieve some sort of recognition, though I doubt that you get invited to parties much either.

I like facts even facts that I don’t like but which are still factual. Nevertheless, it is a fact that to be able to recognize a fact, you have to know quite a few facts already and there lies the rub for you. I like facts. I enjoy being factual. I enjoy learning new facts. However, you are used to blathering on and on to people who don’t know what you are talking about whereas I am the kind of person who does know that you don’t know what you are talking about. A slight difference perhaps but a matter of indifference to both I would assume as the result is the same. No parties.

Oh lucky me… you did think that …didn’t you?