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Trying to Deliver "Failing" Grade to Betsy Devos, Teachers Locked Out of Education Dept


Trying to Deliver "Failing" Grade to Betsy Devos, Teachers Locked Out of Education Dept

Julia Conley, staff writer

Teachers' groups, parents, and students were barred from entering the Department of Education on Thursday, the anniversary of Betsy DeVos's confirmation as Education Secretary, to present her with a "Failing" report card alongside tens of thousands of comments from teachers who disapprove of her performance leading the nation's public education system.

"This is a remarkable moment...this is the first time that I have ever been to this building where we were not let in."—Randi Weingarten, AFT President


The fascists don’t care about report cards or petitions. In fact they laugh at them. I feel bad for the students and teachers, but if you want our children to have a real education you will first need to rid of the Corporate Fascists and their Christian Fascist allies who now hold all the power and money. Nothing less makes any difference at all.


Let’s build a wall around the Washington DC just like Israel has done to the Palestinians. Give the fuckers a taste of their own medicine that they promote around the world. Drop a few bombs on them now and then. And relocate all the poor citizens of DC to these politician’s mansions. And then round up all the corporate oligarchs and their lobbyists and ship them all off to someplace like Guantanamo.


I’m with you Holy man.

The time is getting nigh.


Buttsy DeVios and her “christian” funny-dementalist cohorts don’t want an educated populace who can think for themselves, they want a brainwashed populace that will blindly support – or at least tolerate – the fascist theo­cracy that they want to impose on us in place of what little of “our” democracy still exists.  Total destruction of our public schools is their primary goal; if they can make a few bucks skimming off the top of their rotten vou­cher schemes, that’s just frosting on the cake to these neo-Nazis.


can’t wait to see what the comedians do with this


It is very important that the attack on public education (continuation of what was occurring in the Obama Administration) be put in context of more tax cuts for large corporations and wealthy individuals.

This tax cut racket has been going on for decades now, and it just blows my mind that so many people still don’t seem to understand what has been happening, and what is still happening.

In fact, we are seeing the beginning of the end game for the objectives first presented in the Powell Memo, and in the early utterances of the right wing super prick Grover Norquist. That being cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes…darn, no money to spend for local, state, federal government…large corporations move in to “rescue” publicly held utilities by privatization…boosts in MIC, Security Industrial Complex run amok…calls to “rescue” Social Security and Medicare for future generations by defunding them “to bring deficits under control”…rinse, repeat, recycle.

And the MSM drones on with every “conventional” rationale keeping this fucking scam in place.

This protest, good for them. But constantly not calling out this ongoing scam in the context of every battle, every assault on what is still publicly held, will ensure the propagandists win, every single time.


Lock Betsy Devos in the bathroom until she resigns.


Class - in every sense - dismissed


unbelievable but we have to believe it.


The Christian fascists can go to he–!


And don’t forget her bahble!


And the dems are complicit as they barely uttered a word about the tax scam. As far as the rethugs go- if they do not want government then do not work for it and get the he-- out of dodge!


Ah yes- the fascist theocracy. You’d think that people would catch on by now- if someone wants to control someone else that badly- it usually does not bode well at all.


Great idea- except this spreads far beyond DC. They are beholden to the Kochs and others like them. This web spreads around the world and casts its nets.


No profiles in courage for this woman. I would comment about what a snake in the grass she is, but I’ve met snakes with more decency than she has.


That’s quite great thinking. A teeny bit revolutionary perhaps, but quite great nevertheless.


As someone who has experienced incredible miracles thanks to a real faith in God, I’d like to warn Christian Fundamentalists that they will not be welcomed into the Kingdom promised by Jesus if they, privileged in this world as they were, totally neglect the lesser children of God. All are of equal value in His eyes. Matthew 7:23: "And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Kind regards. ~g


How appropriate. The Department of Education has nothing to do with teaching anymore.


Good idea…but choose some place farther away than Guantanamo—the Cubans want their land back. Try shooting for Mars…too bad if the rocket falls short…

Holy…sounds like you’re drafting a plan for our own Bastille Day!! Great idea! You’ll get a lot of help here!