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Trying to Keep the Internet Safe From Warrantless NSA Surveillance


Trying to Keep the Internet Safe From Warrantless NSA Surveillance

Ashley Gorski

Next month, President-elect Trump will be handed the keys to the NSA’s vast spying apparatus.


And why all this surveillance? For readers who haven't seen it, "War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror".


We have a 100% GOP owned government.....Who gets to determine what our enemies are and who they get to spy on......No one can take on the government especially if it gets out of hand corrupted by criminal oriented government officials and if the orders come from the top well you got to obey orders....The republicans can spy on all opposition candidates listen to their communications sabotage their plans to run against them they can also listen in on the free press and any potential whistle blowers or sources with information about their illegalities....Who can look me in the eye and say nahhh they wouldn't do that.....REALLY.?.....Trump and his band of criminals are going to be running the show....To say they wouldn't or even try is false sense of security....Republicans for the next four years can do pretty much anything they want...You think the Democrats crying about them will change anything ...nope...Trump will be one of the most powerful presidents we have ever had UN-believable... no administration has had total power in my lifetime, and that power is in the wrong hands....EVIL...has took root and evil will be done.