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'Trying to Kill Me': Black Doctor Who Died of Covid-19 Posted Harrowing Video Alleging Medical Racism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/trying-kill-me-black-doctor-who-died-covid-19-posted-harrowing-video-alleging

If Biden doesn’t address systemic racism in the country, in every single aspect of American life such as “Industry, Law Enforcement, the Military and Healthcare” for starters, 81 million of us made another huge fucking mistake 6 weeks ago and we must commit as soon as humanly possible to never doing so again.


As sad as this particular story is, the ‘treatment’ described is not reserved only for black folks. Corporate influence and its structure has turned a lot of modern medical practice here into an impersonal billing apparatus, first and foremost. The doctor briefly stares at a screen, as the patient sits in the corner. Highest cost and worst outcomes - it’s not unfairly declared a racket, possibly only second to the defense budget.


I agree, but the two links below paint a grim picture on the racism front from Biden.

“Biden Flips Out At Civil Rights Leaders”
Secular Talk Platform


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I hope her family sues the hospital, Dr. Bannec and any involved in these decisions into financial oblivion; then sets up a foundation with the money to fund advocacy for patients.


His medical license needs revoking.


According to the article and the CDC website below, blacks are 3.7 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 and 2.8 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than whites. Rates of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 are also higher for American Indians, Asians, and Latinos than for whites. If access and quality of healthcare in America is so equal among races, why do minorities get hospitalized and die at much higher rates than whites from COVID-19?
Here is another heartbreaking story of a black family in Detroit that was denied adequate and timely treatment for COVID-19 back in April.

Detroit Free Press Websitehttps://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/wayne/2020/04/19/coronavirus-racial-disparity-denied-tests-hospitalization/2981800001/

CDC websitehttps://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/investigations-discovery/hospitalization-death-by-race-ethnicity.html


Your post is troubling and here is why: The article makes the point–a well established point that black people suffer disproportionately "higher rates of chronic illness and worse healthcare treatment and outcomes due to higher levels of poverty and documented systemic racism in which they are less likely to be listened to and believed by medical professionals plagued by implicit bias.

You might want to check the links provided starting with that of the medical community’s JAMA:


Health Disparities Among Black Persons in the US and Addressing Racism in the Health Care System

Oh, and I am not a “Democrat”. I am a socialist.


The socialists come through again with sane thinking and a penchant for responsibility and empathy.
This treatment of people of color is normal capitalism. Do the least service for the maximum in return.


for the record, the withholding of pain medication to legitimate patients is killing far more than just people of color, although like everything else, they generally get the worst of it.

some of you may have seen my posts on this subject previously, so take a good look at what’s happening to me and people in m community. we’re being murdered.

please help us stop this nonsense. pain medicine is still medicine, in spite of the fact that some people abuse it. we’ve lost between 500k and 1 million of our people in 8 years!

Help stop this.


Black people have higher rates of hospitalization because their GPs are passing the buck. They admit them, which is more expensive, and then do rounds once a day while the hospitalists and attendings do the majority of the caregiving…

Capitalism is brutal and the commodification of medical care is a manifestation of this brutality. But, in the US as in other locations in the Global North, white supremacy is pervasive and the medical field has a high degree of racism. Members of the US medical profession have engaged in horrendous racist practices against Black and Latinx folk from the time that enslaved Black women were used in gynecological testing to the recent forced sterilization of women in ICE detention. As a Puerto Rican, I am very familiar with the massive racist program, called La Operacion, that sterilized 1/3 of the women on the island (_https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xpu79i). During the Black Lives Matter Uprising, there was pushback by some in the medical community, justifying these past practices. Here’s one article from the National Institute of Health, that was forwarded to me as “proof” that Puerto Rican woman wanted the sterilizations that they got and that the program was not racist. _https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12279870/


Resveratrol is safe, cheap, a constituent of foods and seems to inhibit covid-19 replication. It also inhibited SARS and MERS which are more virulent relatives of COVID.

Its in Phase 2 clinical trails in Ohio.

There is no risk to taking it in normal amounts. Its known to be healthy and known to inhibit covid-19, it may be protective. A teenage girl won a national science prize a few yers ago for her paper proposing it as a treatment for MERS.

The “invasive plant” root (Japanese knotweed or polygonum cuspidatum) its made from is one of the two most used TCMs for treating COVID-19 in China.


Heartless in the “heartland”

Oh, but if only we could “unite” with these bigoted bastards …


Women are also subject to neglect from doctors due to implicit bias. John Oliver did an excellent piece on “Bias in Medicine,” which is on Youtube, that discusses how racism and sexism affect patient care: _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TATSAHJKRd8

In the case of women, doctors have treated some diseases which mostly affect women as unlikely to be real. Trust me, I’ve been through it, getting the wrong autoimmune disease means doctors will send you away to suffer alone. People now can’t comprehend how people can be convinced coronavirus isn’t real. Those of us with fibromylagia or chronic fatigue syndrome have had our own diseases treated as unreal:

The sad truth about the healthcare system, is that it has gotten away with this sort of behavior for years, simply because people believe all doctors “just want to help people,” and deny that bigots can and do work in this profession. My healthy friends never believed me about all the sexist crap I was getting from doctors, because they, too had naive ideas about doctors. Anyone can get a degree in medicine. The field doesn’t screen doctors for bigoted or sexist ideas before hiring them.

So the same racist, sexist morons who work at every other job work in healthcare also. Worse, med school teaches and promotes bigoted ideas about women and minorities, which ensures doctors believe these ideas. Doctors don’t only believe these things, they will cling to these biases even if it harms or kills the patient.

This has to stop. I hope Dr. Moore’s death will not be in vain. We must fight and demand the healthcare system abandon bigotry. There need to be laws put in place to stop this sort of behavior from doctors. Believe it or not, pretty much zero of these incidents get litigated. If you’re a victim of it, you are completely on your own. This has to stop so there won’t any more loss of black and female lives. Having an MD doesn’t give you the right to be an idiot. It certainly doesn’t give you the right to take human life!


Why would anyone imagine that Biden will drop his racism?


What hurts…What hurts…What hurts the most…Hold On…I need a moment…as I gain my composer… … …What hurts in ways that is most undescribable is when this is a member of your family experiencing this…this disregard… A pain, a hurt known and felt when there is little to Nothing that you can do about it……
…From a place deep – Deep within the heart and soul…I send Thermal compassionate energy to ALL those that know this indescribable feeling. I send Energy that arises from a place where there is a communal understanding of the tribulation needlessly endured by many… United buy this scourge.

unfortunately the story is not the exception but the rule–the medical system in this country is designed for one thing–to maximize profits at the expense of health care to humans–it has little to do with the actual delivery of health care–as an ER nurse for almost 20 years I saw person after person denied care for lack of money–turned away when their symptoms demanded action–sent down the road to other institutions to try their luck–because real care in this country depends entirely on your wealth --even with insurance you will get inferior care if you are not wealthy and if you are sick enough that they end up treating you ---- they will take everything you have and send you and/or your family to the streets for their money even if you die from the lack of care they provided

-ours is a capitalist driven system–that is money has priority over people’s health and if you can’t pay you deserve NO heath care–this is why there is no universal health care here–the heath care executives won’t make the outrageous fortunes the current system generates and the owners will not get their huge cut of the money they stole from taking advantage of the pain and suffering of millions


Marcus Garvey had the right idea. Too late now, though.

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another racist murder by the system of white supremacy we have lived under since the 1600’s. WAKE UP AMERIKA.