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Trying To Kill Me!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/03/trying-kill-me


Naked with a hood. This is right out of the days of slavery when the police were first formed to track down runaway slaves. Devolution is happening exponentially in the USA. Short of waving a magic wand and making all racism go away, the next best thing I wish I could do would be to turn all these white racist Krazy Killer Kops skin to black so they would have to experience what their racism feels to those actually born black. I swear there is no redeeming the USA as it destroys itself in sheer madness.


Police really need better training and maybe the guns should go too. If the case sounds like a metal health issue, maybe police could be there, but a person with mental health experience would be better-----I wonder why someone didn’t have a blanket to offer him? A blanket offered gently and with concern about the cold…maybe if police didn’t always react as a gang—maybe if they had better training, and maybe if they didn’t just think of seeing problems instead of seeing them first as people…maybe this man would not have died. ; (


Exactly, they should have called someone that is trained to deal with this type of emergency, barring that the police should have a component that is trained to deal with mental health emergencies. Eventually, it would improve any existing training, because they made horrible mistakes.


You’re going to get your wish really soon, I suspect, due to the generosity of our leadership in sharing the market with Least Developed countries, and its likely even the market for police services may be globalized.

Police right now have a sort of expectaion of employment locally, but under thie new world odor they may have to travel to the farthest ends of the work for jobs. The lowest bidding firms will likely get the business.

Poor is the new black.

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When excessive physical force, including tasering, choke holds, and shooting, is the only tool police know, is their “hammer”, and every problem involving Black people to racist cops is seen as a “nail”, this is what happens.

So far in 2020:

US: 679 people killed by cops

UK: 4 people killed by cops


Every time I see a cop, I see a kkk member looking to kill people of color. They are making amerikka great again with the support and encouragement of the grand wizard in the HW


This is devastating. This poor man was suffering and of no threat to these vicious killers in blue. It would have been so easy to help him.Kindness and understanding never entered their degenerate brains. I’m FED UP. Where are we supposed to go from here? Civil people are facing a threat beyond anything we’ve ever seen.


The brutalizing and killing of Daniel Prude and anyone that comes into the sights of police trained to brutality, violence, escalation and confrontation, regardless the situation, will tragically and criminally continue until training and the culture of violence is smashed.

In this case a person in crisis was treated as less than human, deserving zero respect or kindness - and that’s what Deniel Prude got! - violence and brutality was the only tool in the cop “vocabulary” in this and countless other cases - name one that wasn’t!

Cops are far too often returned military, trained to kill as the first and often only response, very often racist as well, a result of the training indoctrination and culture of in-theater survival mindset - that should not be imported into our ostensibly civilian nation!


Disarm the cops, then defund them, then replace them with community members.


i read elsewhere that in a recent year in which american cops killed 1,043 americans, their counterparts in japan and the u.k. killed 3 of their citizens, total. american cops are clearly trained to be much too violent and coercive!


Gloriana, what troubles me, in addition to this wonton murder of black folks, is the calling of cops for anything. My experience with them is that they all too often escalate the problem. Also, and maybe more to the point, is that the very foundations upon which this racist nation has been built needs a complete reversal.


Naked with a hood…and forced to lay face down on ice cold pavement while handcuffed. Subjected to the same, every one of the “law enforcement officers” involved would have begun “twisting and squirming” as hypothermia set in, too. Prude was murdered, plain and simple, to satisfy the twisted streak of inhuman cruelty common to all authoritarians.


Hi Giovanna_Lepore:
The police used to seem much more trustworthy around 10 years ago-----but now, there needs to be a truly deep background check for those who want to be police. Of course, this is equally true of all these who go to Wall St. too. : )Yes, more and more often, the police make it worse. Many of them chose to go for the gun—before any sanity kicks win. Perhaps any one who wants to be a police person must get a degree in the social sciences. Choosing a person solely because they were a soldier in the Middle East or in Africa makes no sense, as we all learned from watching the video, " Collateral Murder." : (


Any not thoroughly disgusted with the number of these deadly incidents needs a gut check. One can understand that most police officers are doing a hard job well while also understanding that far too many are not.
The rallying behind these unfit and murderous few by their brother officers and the police union compounds the problem and makes it even more difficult to support all the police who are not racist murderers.

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I suggest ending the right of police to arrest someboduy gor non violent crimes or misdemeanors. That would maybe nit have helped in this case where he should have been given a blanket and then taken to hospital; but it would have prevented many of the recent unnecessary police murders. All they need to do is issue a citation on the spot and say “see you in court”. No need for forcible transportation to tje precinct.
I agree with all the comments that say police often seem to confront, physically assault and escalate.
They should not get a gun the day they join the force. They should only get to carry a gun after 5 years of demonstrating that they descalate many situations by peaceful and respectful persuasion. Those who have graduated to carrying a gun should be called only where necessary, such as to shoot looters on sight!

Well, what they want, a switch that will require the outsourcing of police to Third World nations is not a good thing. We’ll lose a million or two more jobs to foreign firms than we already will leaving precious few jobs still being done by US residents. Each of whom will likely be burdened by supporting large numbers of former workers. Many will break under the stress.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that privatized police firms based in repressive 3rd world nations would be any better just because they arent white. Coming as they do from countries known for having low wages and high levels of extreme inequality. (See “LDC Services Waiver” for the details on hos this works)

They will probably be worse at policing, even if they are paid a fraction as much.

They will send money home, live communally, and contribute little to the local economy. They will replace immigrant, naturalized citizen cops who probably send a lot more home so the net effect on remittances will be negative.

Plus since they dont speak the langauge they will just do their orders and be unable to communicate with the increasingly impoverished residents of this country.

Except that many of those killed by police were guilty of nothing whatsoever.other than driving/walking/ existing while black.
Looting does not warrant the death penalty. You just used the same lack of logic and compassion as those murderous police did.