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Tsipras: Greece Wants to Remain in Eurozone, But Not as 'Laboratory for Austerity'


Tsipras: Greece Wants to Remain in Eurozone, But Not as 'Laboratory for Austerity'

Jon Queally, staff writer

As the European Parliament convened in Strasbourg, France on Wednesday all eyes—and ears—were aimed at Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as he made his case for why the European Union must change its handling of the financial crisis in his own country and across the continent.


Most contemporary economic models are based upon the rich sucking up the crumbs and trickling down their wastes onto the poor. When the poor have been soiled and eviscerated to a point that they are truly of no interest to the rich one arrives at the situation in Greece. So now the rich demand the one thing the poor still "have"--the commons. The rich are patient and can afford to wait; the poor can no longer wait and grow impatient. This extortion economics model won't end well, but at some point it shall end.


An important aspect of this, is that the shaded practices of technocrats on behalf of their employers to strip all they can from the poor, is being exposed for what it really is, “a protection racket.”
You do as we say and pay us, then we allow you to live, otherwise we cut off your funding, starve you until you come to your senses, and comply with with our demands.
And they call it democracy.
I cannot begin to understand the suffering that the people of Greece had to carry or of many other countries that have had to also suffer the dictates of the IMF, Central America especially who is still trying to crawl out form under the weight of the IMF's plans to strip them.
But with all this perhaps as I mentioned, the light is beginning to be brought upon what can only be described as criminal practices, by any sane, caring people.


They should take this opportunity to balance to books between Germany and Greece by included the debt Germany owes (with interest of course).


"The money that was given to Greece never went to the people," he
continued. "The money was given to save Greek and European banks."

As it was here in the U.S. also.


NPR offered a very slanted piece on this making it sound as though Greece's decision was the recipe for disaster--period. It was disgusting to listen to.


Exactly what one would expect from National Plutocrat Radio.


NPR. National Propaganda Radio. So sad. A neoliberal shadow of its former investigative self.


Hellas! You have made a great and far reaching decision. It could change the world for the poor and victimized by the Robber Barons of banking and greed.
* Don't settle for a lollipop from the masters! They will do anything to remain in control, and they see that control wavering.
* You have shown the world that it is not in thrall to the masters. That it can say OXI, NO! and mean it. Don't throw it away for some "save the banksters" deal!
* You have lit a light of Democracy, Freedom, Honor and Dignity for the poor and disenfranchised. Don't let it be put out in the back rooms of the Greedopoly. You have worked too hard and suffered too much to turn on that light. Don't let it go out now!


Nothing is simple. An interesting take here:


I would like to see a block formed by debtor nation, sort of like the non-aligned bloc with a currency backed by BRIC.


I believe many credible economists say that when there is no more wealth to exploit the rich go after the state owned enterprises and people's "commons", and destroy the social structures after which chaos will ensue.


It will be simple if we make it so


I think that the gene is out of the bottle now, Greeks won't eat crow no more. This is the spirit of the 99% of humanity which will persevere over the long haul.


I certainly hope so!


What you said about NPR reminded of a story that Chomsky told about how he was driving along listening to NPR, (can't recall what he said the subject of the report was about),but, anyways he said that the facts were so distorted that he had to pull over to rant at the radio,LOL!


After several of my own rants at the radio, I finally decided that the health of my heart was better preserved by not listening to NPR.


Glad you mentioned that. They seem devoid of any relevance.

The west's leaders (minus some in South America) seem to be living in some kind of dysfunctional ideological space based on one Ayn Rand novel. I'm still remembering Juan Coles' "By the Time Washington wakes up to China’s Eurasian Strategy will it be too Late?" If we're going to stand for anything our people need to be working, not listening to overlords night after night quibbling over the sins of the P.I.G. nations. Send this message on up the chain.


Wow we need to be thinking about how we can leave the countries in better shape than when we got them. For the children. Also we need to get [police body cameras][1] so we can make sure the citizens are treated fairly. thanks