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'Tsunami' of Progressive Victories Delivers Massive Repudiation of Trumpism


'Tsunami' of Progressive Victories Delivers Massive Repudiation of Trumpism

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"They tried to take our healthcare, ban our neighbors, peddle bigotry, and steal for the one percent. Yesterday was the result. Just wait until 2018."


I share your skepticism. If deeds matched words, we’d have peace in our time, a chicken in every pot, and a freshly-drained swamp.

I guess I didn’t hold their feet to the fire enough, eh?


This feels really good to me. Congrat’s to everyone. Mono-cultures die-off, multi-isms survive much better, diversity wins big time.


Body cams, don’t forget the body cams…


If ‘progressive’ means anything anymore, it most certainly means more than simply being opposed to Trump, being the child of immigrants, being African-American, or being transgender. See e.g., Chuck Schumer, Nikki Haley, Cory Booker and Caitlyn Jenner.

I’m glad these folks won last night, but can we know something more about their actual politics than the fact that they are not in DJT’s party? A bit more analysis, please?

Otherwise, we’ve been through this many times before.

And yet, here we are.


"While many were quick to note that it is “premature to call the election a death knell for Trumpism,”

No doubt, we still have deal with obstructive tactics put forth by the professional election losers at the DNC. Remember, Mr. Perez, Trump is not the only one we are coming after. You might want to make that job are Brown University permanent.


Virginia has been trending “blue” for several cycles now, mostly because of the DC suburbs. Looking at the by-county electoral map last night, the vast majority of Virginia counties were bright red, but not as populous. It is actually a little shocking to see just how concentrated the progressive population is there.

As for NJ, is there much surprise that the Lt. Governor of one of the least popular/most hated incumbent Governors in the country had her head handed to her last night? While there are scattered hopeful signs that more intensely progressive/leftist candidates can win across the country, the bad news is that many of them were NOT endorsed or supported by the establishment Democratic Party. I still believe that in the long-run the Democrats need to be replaced by a truly progressive Green Party, and will continue to work towards that end.


Voters vote, and the elected will do…what? Cautiously optimistic, mainly because so many now are really tired of being lied to all around.

Perhaps the most immediate good effect that might come from this, is the crashing and burning of the GOP Tax Scam in Congress. Already it is becoming impossible to disguise that polished turd sponsored by the oligarchy.

So, take a big deep breath, and re-focus on reality. Remember the mid-term election of 2006? I do. The writing was on the wall then that the GOP was going to take it in the rear big time and so all the big money donors backed the blue horses all over the country. We all know the rest: the blue horses turned out to be blue dogs, and the wealthy and powerful went chugging along without missing a beat. This is the electoral political reality in the “Democratic USofA.”

I have no doubt that the establishment Democrats are just slavering all over themselves anticipating a repeat of that 2006 reality - “We’re in the money” - how does that tune go?

Be wary. Be very wary. Else we’ll all be singing refrains from The Who again; and again; and again.


Some good political news, at last! The question, now: will it push the Democratic party establishment to the left and will they interpret the victories as the need to back more progressive candidates, or will it just reinforce their current strategy of maintaining the status quo and relying on the anti-Trump vote for 2018? The party’s track record is not exactly encouraging, but there is a chance that progressives can win in spite of party leadership. I prefer to interpret the results as such.


Just to note, Maine voted to expand Medicaid by referendum and exit polls showed a key issue was healthcare in Virginia. Northam campaigned on expanding Medicaid in the state—and won!


I only had one Green Party candidate to vote for on my entire ballot yesterday. There was even one race (auditor for my township here in Central PA) that had no candidates at all! That’s right - if the Green Party had run a candidate then getting my singular vote would have won that election. As I’ve posted many times before, I believe the Green Party is missing a huge opportunity by not focusing on getting candidates for the races the major parties ignore.


Virginia’s Northam is not a progressive. He’s a Clintonite. Murphy, NJ’s governor-elect, is an ex-Goldman Sachs banking executive. We’ll have to see how they do as “progressives”. Don’t mean to be a party-pooper, but we need to keep pushing candidates for 2018 legislative positions left, left, left. The Democratic party is going to base their campaign positions and policies on the races that were won yesterday. We need to push harder during 2018 and 2020.


Being a grassroots/bottom-up party, it is up to the members of local parties to generate membership and candidates. By all means, please get involved and run at the local level. There are no highly-paid consultants or secret big-money donors who are going to make this happen for the Green Party. It is totally up to those of us who want to see real, systemic change happen in this country!


Hope to be shown wrong, but don’t think that this will make much (if any) difference to Don’s Deconstruction, Inc.


We are up against a formidable enemy that relentlessly is using its power to install fascist ideology in the US. See the analysis by Jon Michaels in yesterday’s Guardian “How Trump is dismantling a pillar of the American state”.


Let us hope that this time around the people will distinguish between a true progressive and a blue dog fascist phony progressive with ties to the Israeli AIPAC.


Traditional democrats are pro Zionism and anything Natanyahu dictates.
I don’t think it will be easy to severe the democratic ties to the weapons industry and pro Israeli groups. We need new revolutionary blood and a new party.


Don’t be fooled folks! Sure, massive repudiation of Trumpism, which is a good thing, but the Democratic party is, and has been, with very few exceptions, in the past, the problem…not the solution.


The Green Party has never had grass roots. It focuses on presidential elections every 4 years. With fundraising the primary goal. There are thousands of local offices around the country like the one you describe that go uncontested. A wide open door, but some would rather complain that TPTB block them.


Actually that’s good news!!  Decent people CAN win WITHOUT the support of the Establishment DamnocRatic Party.   It’s time to CAN the Crooked Clintons (all three of them), DUMP Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass, and Punt Perez & Podesta!!