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'Tsunami' of Progressive Victories Delivers Massive Repudiation of Trumpism


No Green Party local election Green Party results to report? From anywhere?


Yeah, Trump lost last night, but what does that do for us straight white folks, eh?


It appears the people will vote out those in power but the choices they are offered up may only be a different colored version of the same thing. Defeat of republicans is always welcome, victory of non-progressive democrats is questionable. We need fundamental change and that will not come from the status quo.


You presume too much.
But what does that matter when you can be snarky?


What will win elections would be to go left far enough (i.e. social democracy ala Warren & Sander), action on global warming, true election reform and single payer.


Agree. That is the real story, not the self-congratulatory, magic lamp-rubbing of the “progressive” Democratic victories.


Did the Democrats win anything outside of D-leaning environments?



“Simply being opposed to Trump, being a child of immigrants, African American, Transgender”. You had a different message?


Look at that Virginia map. Longtime republican officeholders were whipped in wide expanses of the state. Many by first time candidates. Does that matter to you? No.


I believe the Green Party won about ten local races yesterday.


You strung a half a sentence together; hardly a message. Let’s see if you can understand what my message was. Are you serious, or do you just want to be snarky?



Here you go, a clue:


Why don’t Rs and Ds have to petition for ballot access each and every election cycle, as third parties are forced to do?

Why are third-party candidates excluded from televised “debates,” and why are their vote totals never reported?

Your view of a “wide-open door” is puposefully askew, IMHO.


“If the left tidal wave continues into 2018, which it probably will, it will be an extreme lost opportunity if there are no big transformative ballot initiatives on health care, taxes, labor, climate, criminal justice reform, and campaign finance,” Fang wrote. “Progressives should aim big.”

I would put campaign finance first and add BAN LOBBYING!


Ah, did you see any of the results before answering your own pre-determined question?


How do Dems break through and capture the white nationalist, fundamentalist, cracker, honky, redneck peckerwood, homophobic, KKK affiliated and 1%er astro-turfed, aliented Trump voter?
That’s the real question we should be asking ourselves today. Where exactly have we progressives gone wrong? Navel-gazing starts in 5 4 3…
I know, let’s embrace the good things Trump has done for the downtrodden masses of white people yearning to be free. Free to steal, lie, cheat, bamboozle, hoodwink and grift to their heart’s content. Ah, did I mention that a Korean woman won the LPGA Championship at my golf course in New Jersey, last summer? That I have 6000 nukes at my fingertips? That I’m a lunatic?


BRAVO to all the brave candidates who fought for justice, equality, and honest representation!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


I thought all the Socialists lived in St. Paul and the Republicans in Eden Prairie?
Why did MINNASOTAH go so far off the rails? Non -Norwegians want to know just what the hell happened up there?


I invite you to read the NYTimes article linked above mrsann.


You think these thousands of local elections come with “televised debates”? You think there are insurmountable barriers to putting your name on the ballot for these offices? For city council in mid size cities, for school board? Just keep whining. It suits so called progressives here.