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Tsunami Panic After 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Fukushima

Tsunami Panic After 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Fukushima

Jon Queally, staff writer

Breaking story.... this post will be updated...

A tsunami warning was issued and waves could come come ashore at any moment after an estimated 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck in Japan.

BREAKING: Magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes off Fukushima in Japan, tsunami warning issued.

I am a nuclear veteran who has been worried beyond belief about the leaking reactors at Fukushima which have poisoned the earth even more than Chernobyl.

  • If this latest disaster, which has been warned about ever since the original quake, washes out the Fukushima reactors, the damage will be ten thousand fold what has happened to date, even if, or especially if, the fuel and contaminated water, the reactors and their sites wind up on the ocean floor.
  • My heart goes out to the people of Fukushima Prefect, the people of Japan, and the People of the World.
  • Just one more giant step toward the end of civilization as we know it.
  • Gomenasai, Nippon.

Why does Common Dreams and the MSM still cling to the myth that the tsunami caused the meltdown?
The earthquake in 2011 caused the meltdown (which should have been next to impossible according to the nuclear design engineers, but of course was far from impossible). The tsunami damage and resultant flooding just massively complicated the situation. For a long time afterwards the engineers still clung to the myth that the earthquake could not cause a meltdown and they covered up the real chain of events. The engineers do not want to admit that these plants, including US plants, are susceptible to earthquake damage as that would mean that many nuclear plants should be shut down immediately for safety reasons.


Correct, the failures in the power systems that were to provide emergency cooling occurred before the Tsunami hit,


And if not this one, the next?


Let’s have fish tonight! I’ll bet the MSM will not report this.


Definitely puts a different slant on that closing of Diablo Canyon in 2024–2025.
Like what are we waiting for??? The San Andreas to give a little nudge.

As to what really was the timed sequence of events at Fukushima…Really Guys?
That’s like asking, was it the fall that killed him or just the landing?

Kinda irrelevant if we are looking at down current environments.

My thoughts are with you, people of Japan.


A not so minor correction is in order. The 2011 incident caused meltdowns in TEPCO’s Fukushima plants #1, #2, and #3, not “TEPCO’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.” And they have never stopped leaking; the contaminated water that can be contained (which is only a fraction of it) has been stored in increasing numbers of drums on site, and if there is more devastation at that site from this new incident, there will be no words to describe the breadth of the catastrophe. One thing is certain, however: TEPCO and the Japanese government CANNOT BE TRUSTED to give factual news accounts of what is going on.

www.fairewinds.org is a reliable site which is probably going to have a finger on the pulse of this story pretty quickly.


For the longest Mother Earth has been crying for help and what have we done, now Mother Earth is fighting back. Before calling anyone else anything I check myself, and I have been a coward standing by worrying about a job and bills and insignificant crap. I have lost my warrior code, my warrior way; no more shall I stand idly by…I do not have an answer, but something, anything is better than nothing at all…you have my prayers people of Japan!


Damn. Well, im with you on how you feel about it. I hope it doesnt flood the reactors. I do have a serious question though: there were suggetions that the radiation was coming across the Pacific to us. I was wondering your thoughts on this. I know fallout or radiation can travel far, but what risks/dangers should the surrounding areas be concerned with?

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I get you…

USGS lists it as a 6.9 magnitude, where does the 7.3 figure come from?

Different scales. It was a 5- on the Japanese scale.


Wwooow… words of wisdom…

My understanding of the events of the original meltdowns was the tsunami played a major role. The redundant back up electric for cooling the cores was to come from diesel generators. The flood walls protecting these generators was not high enough and the generators flooded and failed.
The real danger all along has been the unstable spent fuel pool situated on a second floor level with the threat that another quake could cause the structure to collapse and release enough radiation into the air and water to affect most life on this planet. The runoff from the melted cores continue to contaminate the ocean as more and more water is poured in to try to cool them. They even tried to freeze a zone of ground around the melted cores to stop the leakage.
Stay tuned and pray for all in Japan and all life.

Correct. The singular transmission tower to all six reactors tumbled after the 9.0 Quake in 2011 (engineers call this a “single point failure.”) Also, workers fleeing reactor One said numerous steam and water pipes had burst, and later a robot found the torus (donut with emergency back up cooling) wrecked in pieces from the Earthquake. The French and now even TEPCO admit the meltdown started before the tsunami even showed up 45 minutes later. TEPCO’s management now admits it was a massive cover up.

As I’m sure you already know.


Actually tigress2, the Caption is technically correct. Fukushima Daiichi, means “Fukushima No. 1 Plant” in Japanese. (that includes reactor units 1-6.)

Fukushima Danni to the south, as another example, means “Fukushima No. 2 Plant” in Japanese. According to enenews.com, the magic ice wall failed at Daiichi to the North some months ago, and radioactive groundwater from typhoons and hard rain has again flooded the plant running continuously into the Pacific. I believe this is probably why so many species in the Pacific keep turning up dead or covered in sores. Their immune systems are weakened from radiation sickness, and they succumb to ailments they normally would have been able to fend off.

Salmon have disappeared.
Sea Otters
zero killer whale pups
Seals cover in sores
massive bird extinctions
etc, etc, etc.


I want to add that the spent fuel from the teetering tower was finally removed within the past 2 years. It is true that the transmission lines supplying energy to plants failed from the earthquake, starting a meltdown situation , and transmission lines from off site generators also failed. It was the onsite diesel generators that were the last resort to supply needed energy. They failed from the flooding.

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TEPCO nuclear offcials admit cover-up:

TEPCO lied about meltdowns

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