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TTIP Global Day of Action: Take a Picture!


TTIP Global Day of Action: Take a Picture!

Karen Hansen-Kuhn

One of the most surprising parts of my visits to Europe around trade issues has been the misconceptions people have about the U.S. And I’m not talking about generalizations about problems in our food system, but the idea that all Americans support free trade agreements. At a recent meeting in Brussels, people from many European countries complained of being branded as anti-American because of the concerns they are raising about TTIP’s impacts on European environment and food systems.


Not surprising that Europeans perceive that “all Americans support free trade agreements” considering that in 2012 98% of US voters voted for the Democrat or GOP presidential candidates, both owned by the corporations that draft and benefit from “trade deals” at our expense. Six more populist candidates were on the ballot in most states in 2012.

Note that Obama’s initial response to the 2011 emergence of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was to expedite “trade deals” with Panama, Colombia and South Korea, yet he was re-elected less than one year later.


As you know–or should–the entire process is contained and controlled by Big Money. From who gets seen in media to who gets funded to who counts the votes, etc.

And 98% of voters didn’t vote in the Presidential or mid-term elections, so your 98% statistic is WAY off base.

Sad that you’re a card-carrying member of the Blame Voters Tag Team. Although ample evidence exists and has been PROVEN by the Page-Gilens Study that the ONLY player that influences policy is the 1% (i.e. the corporate owner caste), you still revert back to this nonsensical canard. No doubt you’re also familiar with the adage that “If voting changed anything, it would be outlawed.”

However, so long as you and the Tag Team repeat this narrow frame, you move analysis away from the larger truths… and that apparently is your aim.

Also, genius, these treaties cripple the legal-judicial process for MANY nations. That’s how globalism works. It’s part of a New World Order that is by, for, and of the corporations… so this idea that U.S. voters are the deciders is patently ludicrous, and that type of deceptive commentary is dangerous at this point in time. Like a dark magician, it lures focus to the illusion so that the illusionists can continue on with their diabolical agenda.


Why does everyone call them Free Trade Agreements when they are not.It has nothing to do with free trade.It’s all about finance.
I lived in Texas for 30 years, and I remember NAFTA very well.
The original Name was North American Finance and Trade Agreement, but the Globalists knew that they could not get it through Congress, without changing it’s name.
So they took the word Finance and made Free out of it.