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TTIP Has 'De Facto Failed,' Says German Economic Minister


TTIP Has 'De Facto Failed,' Says German Economic Minister

Nika Knight, staff writer

Germany's Vice Chancellor and Economic Minister said that the controversial Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has "de facto failed," admitting that negotiations between the U.S. and E.U. have completely stalled.


And here I can't buy champagne on Sunday around here.


Kentucky (everywhere except Louisville)?


Great news. Now let's kill the TTP and get on with reality.


That is good news! I wondered why the TTIP has gone off the radar recently. Obviously the US establishment is losing its grip. First most of "our allies" in Europe joined the Chinese led AIIP and now they are balking at the demands of US corporations to dominate, how they are governed. Now it is up to us, to see to it, that the TPP suffers the same fate. It will be a YUUUGE step in freeing ourselves from the strangle hold, the 0.1% have on our democracy.
And yes, don't forget to vote for Jill Stein on Nov 8


A few days ago CD published a piece saying that Mitch McConnell was not going to allow the TPP to be brought up in the lame duck session of congress.
Other then that article almost no corporate media outlet covered the story.
This piece by Knight says that nobody is talking about the failure of TTIP and the Canadian treaty.
There appears to be a pattern here.
The American public is spoon fed only that news which "they," the 1%, deem appropriate for us to know.
It's no wonder our republic is failing.

The oligarchy treats us all like mushrooms. They feed us shit and keep us in the dark.


German Economic Minister sez: "Negotiations with the U.S. have de facto failed, because of course as Europeans we couldn't allow ourselves to submit to American demands."

I'd have replied sooner, but I had to stop to clean up the coffee I just blew through my nose.


Highest congratulations to all the organizers all over the world (we see you Lori Wallach!) who have worked so hard to expose and destroy these phony "trade" agreements, actually templates for cementing corporate supremacy over governments, people and the planet.

Now let's kick 'em while they're down! Now that we've got these "gold standard = worst ever" phony "trade" agreements on the run, we need to take the offensive, get organized, and completely strip power from these arrogant corporatists and their sold-out political water-carriers.

We need a real political revolution.


We've been fighting Fascism for 100 years now.
Woody Guthrie's guitar declared, "This machine kills fascists."


West Virginia


Blaming the impasse on US/Euro negotiations is half the story. The Brexit vote and concurrent anti-EU sentiment on the continent confirm that there is significant hostility between citizens of member nations and the ever more fascist EU leadership.


Helps explain the German minister's public frame as well: "Oh, we Europeans would never submit to American demands! We're all truly free inside Europe!"


The Germans don't want the USA to do to them what they are doing to Greece.


It is becoming apparent to me that We the People of the World are finally awakening. A sleeping giant is beginning to stir and realize its power. That giant is not dependent upon a tiny fraction of the 1%'s lies, thefts, belligerence and wars. If it asserts itself, it may free itself and the world from fascist dominance, hunger, and fear. It can rebuild the world for itself, We the People, and restore the health and well being of the planet upon whom we all depend.
* Let us work toward that end, wherever we live, however we can.
* One good start toward turning the Fourth Reich back intro the United States of America would be to reject both of the lying, greedy, warmongering fascists being offered by the Reich and instead vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party. We can further our aims by also electing genuine Representatives of We the People to local, state and federal posts and removing the wealthy puppets of the Oligarchy.
Jill Stein, Green, 2016! Its a start!


Lets hope a significant number of young American voters vote third party and don't take the blue/red duopoly bait in November.

The November election will be a litmus test of how big the sleeping giant is and how awake the sleeping giant is.


I like the simile on mushrooms and would add some conceptual jujitsu to the abuse by TPTB. Fungi are an essential interface in fully integrated nature.
Here is a presentation by Paul Stamets.


Thank Phucking God!

Now we just gotta kill TPP again next year, and a few other evil traitorous slights against our workers...

They just never get tired of trying to phuck us!


I sure hope this is true and not simply being said to mollify those of us who are opposed while they do something nasty while we are looking elsewhere.


As long as the same Thieves remain in power things like The Thieves In Power trade agreement (TTIP) , will never be truly dead. Like some Zombie it will rise from the rise from the grave again.


Trump says he would renegotiate all these deals. If he followed the science on climate change instead of fossil corporate lies, and if he gave us a balanced SCOTUS, he might be the lesser evil.