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TTIP in the EU: Rejecting Democracy at Every Turn


TTIP in the EU: Rejecting Democracy at Every Turn

Polly Jones

After many twists and turns, MEPs decide today what sort of Transatlantic Trade and Investment deal (known as TTIP) they want the European Commission to negotiate on their behalf with the USA.

Negotiations were launched with many grand statements at the G8 Summit in Lough Erne in July 2013. TTIP was to be Europe’s saviour from austerity and to be the blueprint for all future world trade, wherever it takes place in the world.


Breaking news: Researchers at CERN have discovered the source of dark energy–“free” trade deals.


Obama’s TTP, TTIP and TISA don’t just “REJECT democracy”, they systematically REPLACE democracy with fascism, transferring judicial authority from governments into the hands of corporations, effectively railroading the executive and legislative branches of government into submission to corporate tyranny.


At least the mob doesn’t say its democratic, patriotic, healthy and provides jobs. It says" its just business", then they kill you.


“TTIP is being negotiated in secret. Our elected representatives in the House of Commons are not allowed to see the draft negotiating texts. Our elected representatives in the European parliament had to hold a demonstration in the European Parliament before being granted permission to see these texts in January this year.”

Sound familiar? Different nations & governing bodies but precisely the same modus operandi. This is about the corporate 1% shutting out the will of citizens.

And this is also a right-on assessment:

“People do not want a trade deal which lowers hard won food, environmental and labour standards; weakens public services; or gives new powers to corporations to sue governments if public policy harms their profits (known as Investor State Dispute Settlement or ISDS).”

While articles like this one show up added to those demonstrating how Canada’s Harper is defunding climate scientists in order to keep the public in the dark about environmental concerns, added to those about Greece getting the short end of the Shock Doctrine stick… they make it EVIDENT that the protocols being imposed by the 1% in their goal of instituting a New World Order go much further than American voters.

Nonetheless, ding-dongs like Andrew Boston who’s no doubt paid to post that nonsense–over and over again–might ask their bosses for updated Talking Points.


The mob and the CIA made common cause in taking out JFK. Since then, both have done lots of business together and few “business” enterprises are more profitable than war added to that of illegal gun-smuggling and drug-smuggling. They are partners in crimes… against humanity.