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TTIP is a Very Bad Excuse to Vote for Brexit



During World War II the military set up explosives beneath many critical railroad and highway bridges in the Pacific Coast states and provinces with the 24/7 sentries instructed to blow up the bridges in the event of a Japanese attack to hinder the advance of the invaders.

Many British voters view a vote for Brexit as the last ditch effort to hinder the advance of corporate control, just as many Murkin voters have a similar motivation in voting for Trump.

I am not making a value judgement here, just an observation.


"The ambition is that everything from food standards to financial policies are “standardised” in the US and EU, with big business gaining new powers over the process."

Great, 'cause the standardized folks at NIST did such swell work with WTC 1, 2, and 7.



This a take an why it is the media went after Cameron over the Panama papers.

The Media IS the Corporation. The article suggests more such "leaks" will happen in the future and the media will selectively use them to direct Government policy.


I'm more worried about "nutrition" sanctified by Monsanto with NO alternatives (as in organic foods) allowed.

And worried about a one size fits all medical model including vaccines for EVERY phase of life. And any challenge to this "medical" model treated as dangerous political dissent and dealt with, accordingly (*think Pinochet).

Worried that all rights to GENUINE choice and GENUINE sovereignty over our own minds, bodies, and livelihoods will be subsumed by these agreements.

Currently, essentially a handful of corporations own all of the following:

  1. Media
  2. Banking
  3. Food production (and its distribution to retail operations)
  4. Walmart's model of centralized retail
  5. Medicines
  6. Energy cartels

These corporations are gaining control of public schools (through standardized tests), and other significant segments of "the commons."

They are making THEIR will into law while literally blocking any legal venues that citizens could in turn use to rope in their trespasses.


Unfortunately, most British voters are unaware of TTIP. It's barely covered in mainstream media (The Guardian is an exception) and when it is, it's in glowing terms, about all the benefits it will bring. So I don't think it's at the front of their minds in voting on Brexit. Most Brexit supporters are more bothered about immigration. Many extreme neo-liberal Tories are in favour of Brexit. They see the EU as having too much 'red tape' getting in the way of business, by which they mean worker's rights, social contracts, human rights and environmental legislation. So you're damned if you're in and damned if you're out. There's probably a better chance of rejecting TTIP from within the EU as there's a strong swell of public opinion against it in places like Germany, so with the European left united, across all countries, it might be scuppered. If not we're all fooked.


Thanks for the snapshot of current British mindset. I haven't been there in 40 years.


Obama's trade legacy - he should hope that the TTIP and TPP go quietly away and future historians are kind to him and forget that he supported, indeed pushed hard for, both.


Many in the brexit camp are neo-liberals in favour of TTIP style trade deals. Most of them are Conservatives. As a UKIP MEP Roger Helmer said of TTIP:

_"If we’d been a free and independent country, I rather suspect we’d have had such a deal with the US ten years ago, if not twenty [….] I think we have no alternative but to support the deal, even if we’d rather have done it ourselves. And of course in principle free trade is an excellent thing, a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

The best way to oppose TTIP is for the British left to ally, within the EU, with the European left where opposition to it (eg in Germany) is stronger.