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TTIP Is on the Floor, the Referee Is Counting Down


TTIP Is on the Floor, the Referee Is Counting Down...

Nick Dearden

“TTIP has failed, but nobody wants to admit it.” Vice-Chancellor of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel

“France is demanding the pure, simple and definitive halt of these negotiations." Trade Minister of France, Matthias Fekl

We’ve had an incredible victory this week. Some of the leading proponents of the EU-US corporate trade deal, known as TTIP, have said that the deal is dead.


CETA's passage will depend on what Hillary does or does not do.

60% of the American people don't trust Hillary because they think she's a liar.
60% of the American people think Trump is a narcissistic lunatic.
You cannot govern a country when a majority of its citizens don't support you and don't like you.

Those same recent polls showed that:
45% of those who will vote will vote for Hillary.
35% for Trump.
10% for Johnson/Weld
6% for Stein.
4% were undecided.

We need to get Stein up to 10% at a minimum to assure that Hillary's presidency will fail.


Filled out the petition, but it looks like you may have to live in Canada to sign?


Not adequately publicized here is a vision statement of what trade between nations should look like.

From what I can guess about the sentiment on this forum about trade between nations, there probably ought to be more open discussion of what economics and trade within a nation should look like too.