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TTIP May be Dead, But We’re Still Facing TTIP by the Back Door


TTIP May be Dead, But We’re Still Facing TTIP by the Back Door

Guy Taylor

The architects of the current wave of trade deals have embarked on a desperate ploy to salvage something from the death of their flagship treaty. Sacrificing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP in order to get CETA (the close relation of TTIP, a deal between the EU and Canada) agreed was always going to be a risky strategy. The taste of victory has simply whetted the appetite of the campaign to stop CETA. That campaign is now making real waves.


Has the propaganda campaign in Canada favoring CETA been dumbed down as much as TPP propaganda in the US mischaracterizing it as a trade deal rather than the regulatory capture scheme that it actually is ?

Corporations stand to benefit from TPP, TISA, CETA and TTIP to the extent that they will never stop looking for back doors to slip them through. The 99% are faced with eternal vigilance on this issue.


At present, apparently something over 90% of the populations to be impacted are against these trade deals. Were there much of any organization of that force, it would make some waves.

I wonder what a sustained moratorium against international purchases would feel like. I wonder how it might go over were we to pick even just the first brand in each industry, and then the second.

At this point, there is only the question of organization.


I suggest a slight rewording:
"The 99% must be faced with eternal vigilance on this issue."