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TTIP’s Looking a Lot Less Likely, But We’re Still Not Safe from Toxic Trade Deals


TTIP’s Looking a Lot Less Likely, But We’re Still Not Safe from Toxic Trade Deals

Guy Taylor

Could things get any worse for TTIP? On Monday the hugely damaging leak of consolidated texts confirmed exactly what everyone had feared about the deal, with all its massively pro-corporate provisions on display for everyone to see. And then the following day the French government launched one of the most high profile attacks on TTIP that’s ever been seen.

Whether TTIP survives these body blows is debateable, but it is almost fatally wounded.


The seasoned lobbyists and international lawyers are using a European version of "Fast Track" to bypass elected representative bodies and thereby bypass the voice, will, and wishes of all citizens:

"The council could agree on 'provisional implementation' for CETA - a process which allows the European Commission to bring trade deals into effect before national parliaments have had the chance to debate - and reject - an international treaty. This means that the vast majority of CETA could be legally binding as early as next Spring, long before the British parliament has examined the deal. This includes the now infamous corporate court system."

These deals represent a new order of power, or a new world order.

If only a handful of corporations control medicine, food, media, banking, and more odious things like weapons and surveillance... these entities are tightening the screws so that people will not have access to these things unless they dance to the corporate drumbeat.

In observing Puerto Rico's status, an island that had (like all islands) been self-sufficient until industrial developers moved in and using the mantra of modernization taught people to instead become dependent upon food gotten inside a grocery store; I realized that the same processing has been done to most people.

Few of us know how to raise livestock, mend out own clothing and appliances, plant foods and store them across four seasons.

Due to the conflation of an inevitably collapsing global financial house of cards, the spread of dangerous weapons, and climate-change fueled chaotic events... the old chains of supply are very likely to break down.

If modernization means eating chemical poisons made to look like foods, seeing the endless spread of wars (by dark design), and the absolute Death of Nature... then it has nothing to offer.

"The meek shall inherit the earth."


We can be certain that Trump would not support the type of trade deals that might actually work for the people. It is a media delusion that Trump is against trade and to the left of Clinton on the issue. The media hears that he opposes specific trade deals, but doesn't take into account what he actually says he will do.

Trump has declared that he will have business leaders renegotiate trade deals because they know how to do it so America "wins." This somehow puts him to the left on trade in the media's mind even though everyone knows the business leaders are the ones behind the current trade deals. A President Trump's trade deals would almost certainly include corporate court systems and other toxic provisions.

Bernie is the only candidate who is good on trade in this election.


Don't let the media's serial pro-trade verses anti-trade mischaracterization of "trade deals" suck us into believing that trade is the issue. Trade deals are all about expanding corporate control and only candidates like Sanders, Stein and others who are unequivocally opposed to these "deals" deserve our votes.