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TTrying to Survive in a Broken Economy (Confessions of a McDonald's Employee)


TTrying to Survive in a Broken Economy (Confessions of a McDonald's Employee)

John D’Amanda Jr.

My name is John D’Amanda, and I have been a loyal employee at a McDonald’s in Oakland, California for five years. Prior to working in fast food, I was a small business owner like millions of Americans. I made good money washing windows for houses, stores, malls, and contractors in the San Francisco/Alameda/Contra Costa counties area. But when the economy tanked, my business went with it as people tightened their belts and stopped hiring window washers. I lost many customers, struggled to pay my bills, and was eventually evicted from my apartment.


Its not “a broken economy”, its an economy FIXED in favor of the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


<a href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_VqX6J93k>The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin


Back in I believe 1973 an academic at Harvard wrote a piece about what was happening to the American economy then and what would happen as the century came to a close. Sorry I don’t have his name, but the essence was that structurally we began having problems right about that time which nobody was really talking about-production, labor costs, capital, etc. Move up to 1980, people began to sense some plan was going to be needed. In steps Reagan, with a plan that was only a means to take advantage of weakness and drain the life out of the wealth built after WWII. This included trying to dismantle the New Deal.
We are in a very broken economy, but people still act as though it were not true. There were just a few BIG red flags in the 80’s that we were told to ignore: Credit being thrown at people in a way it had never been done. Housing with little money down, huge, fast increase in prices in at least half the nation. Simple services like banking become reliant on large fees. Public facilities (e.g. parks) charging fees. Student loans become the main source of education funding for individuals. These are are the big ones, there a lots of other changes that occurred during Reagan that should have told people we were headed for uncharted waters. A lot of the middle class just wanted to carry on in denial, the negativity the Reagan period was having on the country both long term financial and social fabric was going to be huge, many knew it, felt helpless, so just consumed along with everyone else. 35 years later it’s all the stuff that just won’t go away-substandard jobs and wages, unaffordable housing, etc. People have been running for three decades and it remains to be seen when they will finally have to stop, as a lot of us did some time ago. My empathy for your situation, the displacement you feel started for a lot of people some time ago, some people make it out, here’s hoping you can do the same.


No culpability for AIG, Golden Sacks, Morgan Stanley the whole derivatives scam? What happened in 2007 wasn’t a housing bubble it was a cosmic class “Haircut” that decimated the savings of individuals and left Corporations enriched.


Our country is a G.D’ed Greek Tragedy. Fast food service or being a soldier man is not worthy employment. Selling poison food to people who can’t afford healthy organic produce (which it isn’t since Wall Street cheats) is a crying shame. Shooting people for sport is a crying shame also (first over there, then over here as local law enforcement.)

What would it be like, I wonder, if we had good leadership that would declare a war on private autos and force everyone to commute by light rail and use solar or shut off the contraptions? Why, we’d have a prosperous green economy, that’s what!

Or a tribal structure not based around the private auto, would be infinitely better.
Getting old and can’t pay the bills? No problem, the larger group will pick up the slack and not force you to commute like a zombie over vast distances in heavy traffic.

Meanwhile, back at my commune of 35 people, we are suffering mightily from high food and hygiene product prices on this island, so are endeavoring to boycott the Wall Street World all the way, and grow and barter or just go hungry. The massive drought here is killing off fruit trees, so for the first year ever, we’ve got to come up with an irrigation system which entails all kinds of expense and challenges. Luckily, we’ve got three wells and 2.5 acres with two fish ponds (which the typhoons have destroyed). It’s been in the 90’s for weeks now. Dr. Jeff Masters says this is the hottest decade in history.

Cars are the last thing we need everyone driving. I am sad about the guy in this story. If his goal is to buy another car, he has unsustainable priorities that the environment can’t handle. Giving people raises is not the answer. The answer is Green jobs and living where you work, so that vehicle exhaust doesn’t cook us all and put Florida under water.

TJ - out


So the dental scam is still going on! Pulled seven teeth. I walked out on such a scam and still have beautiful teeth today.