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Tucker Carlson Called Iraqis 'Semiliterate Primitive Monkeys' in Racist Radio Tirade


Carlson said of the Iraqis, and I quote, “A culture where people just don’t use toilet paper or forks.”

Here’s some “cultural” advice for you Tucker, where you come from…
Why don’t you stuff the fork up your ass and stuff the toilet paper in your big mouth?"

Its Tucker who is the primitive monkey because he doesn’t understand that Iraqis (like many other ancient cultures) know that its much healthier to walk barefoot (making contact with the earth) and to eat with one’s fingers (making contact with the food). Its only recently that western researchers have come to recognize that this is indeed true. So much for forks.

Lastly, its much more hygienic to use soap and water (as they do in many ancient cultures), rather than toilet paper, which by comparison is barbaric.

To think Tucker is so ignorant as not to recognize the cultural and scientific sophistication of Babylon, the seat of early civilization, is mind boggling. What makes it worse is that most of his Foxmates are equally illiterate (not even semi-literate as he called the Iraqis).


He targeted women too. Unbelievable. He must have a very small car.


You said it. Great.


“Monkey’s uncle” - leave his family out of this. (Groucho Marx)

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Says Carlson, “A culture where people just don’t use toilet paper or forks.” Mr Carlson, America with a bit over 4% of the entire worlds population uses 20% of the worlds supply of toilet paper suggesting that you are probably full of an excessive amount of shit.


Well, one thing we have to admit: TUCKER CARLSON IS THE PERFECT FIT FOR FOX NEWS!


The Devolution of species is best reflected in Television and Radio programing. Go back and watch some of the Television News Casters and hosts of 50 years ago and contrast them to today. While there was certainly Racism in those days the personalities were a heck of a lot more intelligent than the Maddows, Tucker’s, Maher’s and Hannity’s of today.

Carlson is the perfect example of a “primitive”.

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I agree. Indeed, the “devolution of the species” was programmed via radio and television (more so the latter, I think). Mass consumption, attended and nurtured by mass advertising, is only a century or so old. With each advance in mass media, from print to radio to television to internet, and each advance in psychology, mass advertising became more effective at compelling individualistic consumerism, down to our very DNA. We’ve reached the point that truth, character and a concept of public good are irrelevant in the public sphere. As a society, we’ve abnegated reason (talk about primitive!). All that matters is whatever compels you or I to click that next icon or link. Nothing exemplifies this better than FOX News, its turd-casters and its sponsors.

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Tucker is a punk, and so are his Foxmates (great coined word there!!). He’s a spoiled, privileged little brat.


Bubba the Love Sponge runs a comedy show built on a foundation of racism. That Carlson agreed to appear there is itself an indication of questionable judgement. His comments speak for themselves.


More so than many petty criminals, Tuck needs to be put in irons for a while, told to shut the f–k up, and do only what you are told. Set him free when his Fox attitude is forsaken, and denounced. Until then he can make friends with the mice, if they will have him.


Hi LarryD3---- toilet paper only after the Civil War-???oh my and they still had to go outside to find the loo! When trying to read Ulysses, Mr. Bloom spent a lot of time outdoors in his loo My favorite use of nature came from the Plains Indians, ( I think it was them) and the baby would be wrapped up and carried n the back and at he bottom of a wrapping there be would be plants that acted as diapers. and pulled the poo away from the baby’s skin!
I was in North Dakota once and outside the farmhouse was a 4 seater—with no doors—and the cows would come by and stare. That was funny. Well, in many ways, I am very happy we have toilet paper and indoor plumbing— WU Zetian---- I salute your cleverness! and the Indigenous People too! : )

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Haha. Actually, stardust, I agree with a poster here that soap and water are probably the most hygienic, except that piped-in water wasn’t as available in ancient times as today, and I don’t think commercial soap was as ubiquitous either. And you’re right about the Native Americans - they’d most of the elements of civilised living long before the arrival of the pilgrims. It’s a mistake to judge civilisations at their low moments, especially after they’ve been systematically attacked by more aggressive peoples.

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It gets way better than that, wait until you hear is view of women.