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Tulsa Health Official Points to Trump Rally as 'Likely' Source of Spike in Covid Cases and Tells People to 'Connect the Dots'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/tulsa-health-official-points-trump-rally-likely-source-spike-covid-cases-and-tells



Wonderful, just a Great Idea following a ignoramous

Probably need to track that church full of kids from the Phoenix rally

Now it’s on to Jacksonville


Everyone on the left knew this was going to happen. We just waited for the conformation. Now the deniers can step in to put the spin on this until it goes away S.O.P.

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Besides the virus fallout, I wonder if Tulsa, South Dakota, and Jacksonville realize they will not be reimbursed for these political rallies? It’s the one thing Trump does well, skipping out on bills.

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This story smells like confirmation bias.
C19 cases were going up in Oklahoma prior to Trump’s (clearly unsafe) event.
Because like Florida, Texas, and Arizona, OK reopened bars early and has seen a surge in cases.

Of course, we can learn the truth by contact tracing everyone who attended Trump’s event.
I’m sure Bubba, Joleen, and Boogaloo Bob have been keeping a record of their whereabouts.

It would be interesting to see if those who actually attended the rally now test positive – though “freedom lovers” who didn’t wear masks may also be less than forthcoming about where they have been.