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Tulsi Gabbard Says She Would Pardon Snowden and Drop All US Charges Against Assange If Elected President in 2020


Tulsi Gabbard Says She Would Pardon Snowden and Drop All US Charges Against Assange If Elected President in 2020

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said she would drop all U.S. charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden if elected president in 2020.

"It was a kind of a warning call, saying, 'Look what happened to this guy. It could happen to you.' It could happen to any one of us."
—Rep. Tulsi Gabbard


I hope people will watch at least part of that long interview with Gabbard and Joe Rogan.
It’s hard to imagine anyone thinking that she isn’t the most progressive Presidential candidate of our lifetime.
Besides which, she’s clear minded, compassionate, tough as nails, and extremely intelligent.


Say it ain’t so—a D politician I could vote for without holding my nose?


Well, Ms. Gabbard!!! If for no other reason, your words about Snowden & Assange are very appealing. You have my vote!


Meanwhile, the O’Bidigiegharribookuchar campaign is looking for bipartisan solutions that are going to sway that mythical political center. On this topic, their bipartisan solution is execution for treason and making sure the national security state is free to spy, torture, and assassinate at will.

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I wonder if Bernie will make such promises. It seems he isn’t outspoken as Tulsi as of late on progressive issues.


I believe that Bernie feels he has a real shot at the nomination, and doesn’t want to buck the public narrative TOO much, and destroy his chances.
Perhaps Tulsi is in it more to get her message across than to actually win the long shot nomination. So she is far more a truth teller.
If Bernie becomes President, it is my dream that he’ll pick Tulsi Gabbard as his Secretary of State.


Did not hear her say she would pardon Snowden. She said she would drop all charges against Assange and Snowden. She can’t pardon Assange but could pardon Snowden and let’s hope she will when elected along with Manning, John Kiriakou, Reality Winner, and all the whistle blowers convicted under Obama. Everyone needs to take the time to listen to the Tulsi-Joe Rogan interview.


So, to make locating it easy, here’s the link to the beginning of the 2:34:37 interview:

Joe Rogan Experience #1295 - Tulsi Gabbard – May 13, 2019 - Joe Rogan Experience - YouTube


Listen again, between Time = 12:54 - 13:17. You will hear Rogan ask if she would “give him (Snowden) a pardon?”; and, she says, “yeah…yeah.”


Just finished the Rogan video.

I really liked the part at 1:27:00 - where she describes getting her mom to make 435x2 boxes of toffee (one for each rep and a bigger one for their staff. Interesting story that it actually worked for her.

I liked her past interview on JRE but this one was better. The only thing I didn’t like is that I’ve heard two different answers from her now on whether military service should be a prerequisite for the presidency. She specifically said no in another interview (can’t recall where I heard this), but here she just goes on to give her credentials, almost if she is now willing to go along with this idea because it benefits her. I’ll have to pay attention to this question in the future as I’m sure she’ll get asked about this many times.

So Beto is a friend of hers. I guess it doesn’t matter since he’s not in the House anymore (and he’s not winning the nomination or getting picked for VP), but I’d love her to try to talk some sense into him on the Medicare for All issue.


I talked with a guy from work today (where most people are more conservative than me) who said Tulsi was the only Democrat he could vote for - she was intelligent, not partisan, and he liked her position of getting out of wars (and thought having military experience was key to being able to make significant change).

I had read in some post somewhere that this guy was Libertarian and would consider voting for Tulsi also.

We see polls of many of the D candidates against Trump, but I’ve never seen Tulsi Gabbard v Donald Trump polls - that would be very interesting, especially as she gets better known (which I hope happens after the first debate).