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Tumbling Through Calamity: The Definition of the Freedom Spirit


Tumbling Through Calamity: The Definition of the Freedom Spirit

With the Imbecile-In-Chief playing 4th-grade bully to Russia - missiles coming "nice and new and “smart!” WTF? - a reminder that behind all the bellicose bluster are, as usual, besieged people trying to survive unimaginable horrors. In Syria, as in Gaza, kids use what they can to resist their hardscrabble lives. This week, young Gazans both unveiled a searing music video and performed their sky-high parkour at the border site of mass and deadly protests to proclaim, again, "We will return."


“Fly, brother, fly! More high, more high! / Or we shall be belated” (Coleridge).


Where are the women in these vids? Aren’t they resisting colonialism and zionists? Don’t they use their bodies to parkour in resistance?

No equity here.


Take your FAKE point and shove it.


We need a world agreement that INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM is a right of every individual. People need to wake up and realize that they are being played by this elite culture. We need to question what these nation states are doing-----are they helping or hurting—I would guess that most people just want to live a normal life-----not all these horrors created by the nation states. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Don’t like me noticing an obvious lack of representation? That’s OK.


No, I’m calling you out for being a ________.


Actually, the suffering in Gaza started in 1948 with the Nakba when the U.N. attempted to create a safe place for ethically-removed Palestinians. The apartheid Zionist entity called Israel then turned the refugee camps into the largest concentration on Earth with the financing and support of the West, especially the U.S. UK and France. Historical myopia serves no one and in journalism it helps to convert an essential form to cheap propaganda.