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Turkey Bombings: Innocent Hearts Beating for Peace are Brutally Stopped


Turkey Bombings: Innocent Hearts Beating for Peace are Brutally Stopped

Elif Shafak

It was dedicated to “peace and democracy”, but the rally turned into a bloodbath. The participants were a motley group; among them leftists, liberals, trade unionists, feminists, and members of the Turkish Medical Association.

It was morning when the tragedy occurred. Some groups were just beginning to gather. Others were singing; holding hands, men and women, in a typical Kurdish folk dance.


Thank you, Ms. Shafak. This is a profound and accurate observation:

"The government has alienated itself from the people in its desire to become more authoritarian. Instead of coexistence and compromise, the language of duality and animosity have become the norm."

Unfortunately, this same polarized "with us or against us" frame is spreading inflammation through and beyond the Middle East.


"Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan ... The Council Movement, Gender Equality, and Ecology — in Practice" is a book that provides an interesting look at Turkish fears. Some Kurds have consulted with the Zapatistas of Mexico and evolved to the highest level of modern information-age democracy on Earth.

Few discuss democracy in the information age. Most look at the old-fashioned representative style periodic voting systems and think they know democracy. Not much is further from actual. Real democracy is an ancient, organic tool used by humans to focus their distributed intelligence on subjects of interest held in common.

Who pays for these weapons that Turkish despotism uses to bomb its own super advanced citizens?

Is this dictatorial bombing using borrowed money? Central backroom plans of war mongers are usually funded with oligarchic credit cards backed and payed for by working class citizens subjected to ceaseless state funded propaganda.


Finally, millions of We the People of the World are showing our disgust at watching the Rise of the US Fourth Reich and are eagerly awaiting the Fall of the Fourth Reich.
* This can be seen in the increasing number of demonstrations world-wide, even in the face of bombings, shootings, suppression, arrests.
* The Reich and its Axis of Evil are stepping up the pressure. At one time, the Reich made a show of cutting off the arms supplies to nations that suppressed and tortured their people. Now those humanitarian considerations have been swept away and terrorist "allies" such as Egypt, Turkey, the Saudis, the UAE, Israel, etc,. have had their embargoes lifted, even as they increase the pressure on their own people or their neighbors.
* The price, apparently, is to back every atrocity by the Reich, and to punish those who do not agree with the Reich's policies.
* The Reich, like all empires, will eventually collapse, from its own dry rot, if nothing else. The hope is to hasten it, as every day another country, another group is being attacked and many more killed or driven homeless into the void.
* The big question is, are We the People of the World strong enough to reject this and make the sacrifices necessary to turn it around, or defeat it?
* We can only hope, and work to achieve that end.