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 Turkey Brings NATO to the Precipice of War With Russia


 Turkey Brings NATO to the Precipice of War With Russia

James Carden

Following today’s news that Turkey has shot a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft out of the sky, NATO ministers, former and current US government officials, and the wondrously pliable American punditocracy immediately began circling the wagons, pointing the finger of blame for the incident at Russian President Vladimir Putin. Indeed, only hours after the event, CNN’s Carol Costello put on-air two young Russia “analysts” who charged that Russian state media was “spinning” the story to the Russia government’s advantage. Quelle surprise!


Editors, please note: Looks like one of the photos is mislabeled (and blurry).


There was never been a coalition , Russia bombed Assad's enemies without second guessing , at best, if they are western allies . In reality the portion of air strikes on ISIS was minuscule compared to strikes on anti Assad rebels.

The line was drawn and Turks had enough , good for them.


Wow, OC, you sound like the commies I used to hear back in high school. The communist revolution never materialized, and somehow I don't think it's about to happen now, either. I think you'll be more successful if you look to the future instead, with novel ideas, rather than rhetoric that, to my ear, sounds rather hackneyed and tired. The communist systems we've seen in place didn't turn out so well either. While the theory may appeal to some, I think we've demonstrated that human behavior prevents it from being effectively realized. I wonder if Senator Sanders's Social Democracy appeals to you at all, as it does to me?


"Indeed, Turkey claims it warned the doomed Su-24 no fewer than 10 times prior to the shoot-down. Worse still, the area that was purportedly being targeted by the Russian airstrikes was not known to be an ISIS stronghold, but is known to be an area largely inhabited by Syrian Turkmen."
Well, the Russian fighter came down on Syrian territory - not in Turkey. If the Turks have warned the pilot 10 times - that must have taken at least 30 seconds: 30 seconds at that speed should have taken the plane deeply into Turkish territory. We know, it didn't.
Also, "Syrian Turkmen" sounds like good-hearted civilians, or at least well-meaning terrorists - according to the new term propagated by the Pentagon. However, apparently those Turkmen are by no means so well-meaning and good-hearted as assumed: As we recently heard, they apparently shot the two Russians while parachuting. Nice people these "Syrian Turkmen" - I would not prefer to meet them in a dark alley. But they are definitely good buddies with Obama, McCain and Hillary.
Anyway, Erdogan did a spendid job for NATO and the Pentagon: This will probably put an end to Francois Hollande's approach to join forces with Putin. We can be sure that the false Turk had green light for this attack from the White House (with many ugly dark spots).


Idiotic response but so expected from the ignorant!


You nailed it!


Communism: No matter what one thinks of its political ramifications, there is one thing for certain: Communism has been demonized in the past, like terrorism is now because it was perceived as a potential threat to the economic,elite's vast wealth and political power.


hi Oellian!

I wd be interested in hearing your impressions of what Das Kapital, Volume 1, is about. Doubt if you've got the b*lls to tell us.

Also, while yr at it, cd you tell us your impressions of the Critique of the Gotha Programme?


Keep in mind that against Greece alone , Turkey violated that countries airpsace some 2400 times in a single year.

In 2012 Syria shot down a Turkish plane that was in Syrian airspace. Turkey was already launching airstrikes against Syria yet when that plane shot down Mr Erdogan stated "A short-term border violation can never be a pretext for an attack”.

Meanwhle a spokesperson for the US State department indicated that Turkey had a right to defend its own airspace. He also stated that Rebels (read terrorists) inside of Syria had a right to defend themself against Russian Airstrikes. When asked if this also meant that Syria had a right to defend itself against attacks from Turkey and the Rebels the same spokesperson suggested Syria has no such right. One mark Toner insisted that if Syria shot down a Turkish plane bombing its territory it "can not be considered self defense."



Well called. That is the language of propaganda.


Ha ha!! You could not make this shit up! I am guessing that there was nobody willing to press on this point a little.


You have been watching too much Fox News. Try Veteranstoday website and get some real facts.


Well said, my friend. The hypocrisy has become so blatant, even lovers of Fox News should get the picture.


Would you be surprised to find out I do not watch foxnews? I did try your website. Forgive me but I have little trust in a source which thinks Auschwitz was a pretty labor camp.

I might be skeptical about Turkish news or other western sources , but trusting Putin is out of the question.


The current situation reminds one that Allen Dulles and company found lots of "moderate Nazi" war criminals to bring into the U.S. and Latin America, or to place in power positions in Europe, so the U.S. has in fact a long institutional tradition of identifying and working with "moderately" insane, amoral, psychopathic fascists, as long as they're willing to do our dirty work and/or kill who we tell them to. Such behavior is euphemistically referred to by U.S. media and power brokers as: "standing for freedom and democracy!"


Didn't read all the comments.

I take issue with the author's assertion of who is the stronger and who is the weaker partner in the current arrangement/mess. Turkey is there on the border with Syria, and the opaque, duplicitous Turks can and will act before the US or any member of EU or NATO or the unilateral US can even figure out wtf is going on. This puts Turkey in the position of calling the shots and anybody who has been paying attention say, oh for the last 14 years or so, will recognize this as the truth.

Recall that Boy George and the Heads Up Their Ass Gang wanted to invade Iraq both from the north and the south but after many bribes were proffered, Turkey said non-non.


ISIS are anti-Assad forces.


Thanks to James Carden for an excellent and objective analysis of what Turkey’s Erdogan is up to.

Isn’t it a shame that the Western leaders seem to not see that Tayyip Erdogan is no Mustafa Kemal Atatürk? Vladimir Putin is absolutely right when he brands Turkey as “accomplices of terrorists.” If the Western leaders fail to see this reality, the civilized world, including the West, will suffer. The West should kick Turkey out of NATO, not because a Russian plane was shot down, but because Turkey has been protecting and promoting Islamic barbarism.


And as it does to me as well! That said, why do most of us simply Love to complain and pundify instead of also running for office, as per my NCC HTTP://YALE4Congress.com? Regards